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Home Contents Inventory Database for Access 2003 Software - Updated December 2022 ✅

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Home Contents Inventory Database


Home Contents Inventory Database

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Access 2003

2013-02-17 00:00:02

(31 User Rated) offers home inventory access database to help with the inventory tracking task. The ms access template is basically a pre-made template with specific menus to help to organize the inventory. The best thing about this access template is it features a simple yet useful interface with no complex command. Even the newbies will easily understand the Microsoft access database templates at a glance. Also, the access templates provide all the menus and forms that users need to organize the household inventory.

Keeping the household inventory is a basic yet complicated task. The home inventory tracking allows people to be able to keep the inventory in check. Performing the task makes it easier when certain inventory comes and goes. The task of keeping the inventory will get harder and harder when there are lots of inventories to take care of. The household inventory access templates feature two kinds of command box which are the main switchboard and the sidebar. Here are the short description and tutorial of the template.

  • Household Inventory Main Switchboard

  • The Microsoft access database for household inventory features the main switchboard. The switchboard will automatically pop up when users open the template. In general, the switchboard is like a shortcut to some of the menus in the template. It consists of four shortcuts to manage the household inventory such as enter/view inventory, enter/view other information, preview reports, and change switchboard. The main function of the switchboard is to make users easily navigate the main menus in the template. Each of the menus in the switchboard is accessible and connected to the sidebar. Thus, when users want to add or view the household inventory, they can just click the first menu and then the household inventory form box will pop up.

  • Household Inventory Sidebar

  • The household inventory sidebar is the main menu in this template. It is the extension of the switchboard box which contains more complete menus to organize the home inventory. There are four sub-menus in the sidebar which are tables, forms, reports, and modules.

    a. Tables – the table bar consist of four menus which are categories, household inventory, rooms, and switchboard items. Users can double-click in the menu name to be able to see it. The categories menu includes some forms to classify the entire home inventory into some categories. Meanwhile, the household inventory menu allows users to manage the detail of the inventory into the provided columns. The rooms menu covers the room classification for each house. The switchboard item menu allows users to personalize the main switchboard with the menu that they need to see first.

    b. Forms – the form menu is connected to the main switchboard box. The categories, household inventory, and rooms menu are also displayed in the main switchboard. The categories menu functions to classify the home inventory based in its class. The household inventory form allows users to submit the detail of each inventory. Meanwhile, the rooms menu has a similar form to the categories but it is used to classify the room in the home. Lastly, the switchboard menu is the shortcut to the main switchboard box.

    c. Reports – the next menu in the household inventory access templates is the report menu. As the name suggests, the report menu sums up the household inventory into some categories. The report is divided into some categories such as by category, by room, by value, and inventory details. The classification of the reports allows users to see only the summary that they want to see.

    d. Modules – the modules menu consists of a sub-menu which is global code. The sub-menu is an extensive feature of the Microsoft access templates in which users can edit the function of the template. The household inventory access database templates include the entire important menu to manage inventory. However, it is important to note that one page of the template under one file name can only be used for one house inventory.

    Home Contents Inventory Database for Access 2003

    Home Contents Inventory Database Home Contents Inventory Database

    Download Microsoft Home Contents Inventory Database

    Preview of Home Contents Inventory Database. This Access Database Templates was added on 2013-02-17 00:00:02 and compatible with Microsoft Access 2003. Microsoft Access Templates size 736 kb.

    Home Contents Inventory Database

    Home Contents Inventory Database for Personal Access

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