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Access Manage Project Open Issues Template


Access Manage Project Open Issues Template

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Access 2010

2014-07-23 06:44:41

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Answering the demand for Project issues tracking and management, the offers Microsoft access database for issue tracker. The issue tracker access database is a pre-made template to help in issues management and tracking. The access template features simple and easy to use interface with some form boxes to accommodate the issues in detail. The Microsoft access database templates for tracking issues are available for free download in the website and suitable for company and personal use.

For lawyers and law organizations, issues are the basic aspect which keeps them active. Besides solving the issues, keeping the record of it is also mandatory. Keeping the record of each issue is important because it helps users to know the progress and result of the certain issue. Manually record the issue can be daunting especially if there are loads of issues to manage. The only way to easily manage issues is to use ms access template.

Even though the access templates for tracking issues purpose are simple, but we provide short guide before starting to use the template. The issues tracking template features one main dialogue box and two taskbars.

  • Issues Box Menu

  • The main feature of the Microsoft access templates for tracking issues is the issues management. This box consists of several columns and two task-bars in the side. The main columns include some information such as title, assigned to, opened by, open date, due date, the status of the issues, category, priority, issue ID, and comments box.

    If users want to add more person in charge of the issue, they can click the add button next to the column. Then another dialogue box will pop up and users can fill the column with personal identity of the person. The ‘add’ button functions to add more ‘assigned to’ and ‘opened by’ information. Next to the ‘add’ button, there is a small envelope button which can be used to directly send email to the person in charge.

    In the top right side, there is a search bar which functions to search for specific issue based on the date. Below the search box, there is another taskbar in two categories which are tasks and setup. The task categories include some menus such as create new issues, delete current issues, browse all issues, search issues, view charts, and view reports. Meanwhile, the setup category includes some menus such as edit contacts, status, categories, priorities, reports, and provides feedback. To open the menu in the sidebar, users can simply hit the small icon before the menu and the new dialogue box will pop up. The entire menu in this taskbar is connected to the main dialogue box. Thus, if users want to change the statues, category, priority, or edit the existing information; they can make use of the taskbar.

  • MS Access Reports

  • The access database templates for tracking issues also provide complete reports based on the data submitted in the templates. There are two ways to collect report in this template which is using the view report in the right taskbar or using the reports shortcut in the left side. Both provide the same report of the recorded issues but the report shortcut is easier to use. The report shortcut already divides the summary of the issues based on some categories which are closed issues, issue details, by assigned to, issues category, status, and open issues. Users can double-click on the desired category and then the report will appear in a pop-up box. Tracking issues is not a simple task. It demands high accuracy because it should be sorted based on some categories. This issue tracking template is a perfect template to help to organize the issues and the report feature makes review task a lot easier.

    Access Manage Project Open Issues Template for Access 2010

    Access Manage Project Open Issues Template Access Manage Project Open Issues Template

    Download Microsoft Access Manage Project Open Issues Template

    Preview of Access Manage Project Open Issues Template. This Access Database Templates was added on 2014-07-23 06:44:41 and compatible with Microsoft Access 2010. Microsoft Access Templates size 1220 kb.

    Access Manage Project Open Issues Template

    Access Manage Project Open Issues Template for Access 2010

    Microsoft Access Software is Required to Open The Database

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