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Access Templates Work Orders Invoice Services Management Database


Access Templates Work Orders Invoice Services Management Database

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Microsoft Access 2013

2016-03-07 07:00:50

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Creating work order is important as a way to organize the received job. Without work order, it can be hard for the company to keep up with the incoming job. Answering the need to create a work order, the provides the Microsoft access database for this purpose. The customers work orders tracking template is a pre-made template with several menus and forms to organize related information.

A work order is basically a written request that can be scheduled and assigned to other people. The work order is usually made based on the customers’ request for certain services or product purchase. The general look of work order includes detail information about the orders, customers’ identity, delivery method, total cost, and such. The work order flow starts with customers making a request in the company and then the company creates work order with detail instruction, forms, and other information as needed. After creating the work order, the company will assign the work to a person on the team and he/she will receive notification. On the scheduled date, the person in charge will also get a reminder to get the job done. After the job is done, the customer will receive an invoice and make payment.

The work order management access database is divided into two sections which are the main section and taskbar section. Each of the sections has a different function but are connected to each other. Here are a short description and function of each section.

  • Main Section of Work Order

  • The main section of the order management ms access template is the "work order by customer form". The form will automatically appear when users open the access template. The main section consists of three different forms. The upper form conveys information related to the customer identity such as first and last name, billing address, city, state/province postal code, customer ID, company, phone and fax number, and country.

    The lower form consists of a column with detail information of the work orders. The column includes recorded and finished date, work order total, total payment, and the amount due. Next, to the work order form, there is note form which users can use to write additional notes.

    On the right side, there are two types of taskbar which are tasks and setup. The tasks menu can be used to create new customer and view reports. Meanwhile, the setup menu allows users to add or delete parts, payment method, employee list, and also see company information. One page of the work order form can only accommodate one customer. Users can create a new page to add more customers using the right sidebar.

  • Side Taskbar Work Order Section

  • The left side taskbar on the work order management Microsoft access database templates consists of some menus. This includes finished work order in-house, invoice, invoice labor sub report, invoice parts sub-report, revenue entered by the employee, sales by month, unfinished work order, and work order summary.

    Besides providing the work order form, the work order access templates also allow users to issue an invoice. When users double-click the invoice menu, there will be a new pop up window with several forms such as work order ID, invoice date, amount, description, and also payment terms. To see the invoice page, users can hit the OK or cancel to abort page.

    Another feature of the Microsoft access templates is the report and summary. Users can see the reports and summary of all work orders, invoices, and even monthly sales. In addition, the unfinished work order allows users to see the unfinished job before taking further action. The work order access database templates have extensive feature but simple interface. It accommodates all the users need to manage and follow up on work order and invoices.

    Access Templates Work Orders Invoice Services Management Database for Microsoft Access 2013

    Access Templates Work Orders Invoice Services Management Database Access Templates Work Orders Invoice Services Management Database

    Download Microsoft Access Templates Work Orders Invoice Services Management Database

    Preview of Access Templates Work Orders Invoice Services Management Database. This Access Database Templates was added on 2016-03-07 07:00:50 and compatible with Microsoft Microsoft Access 2013. Microsoft Access Templates size 1536 kb.

    Access Templates Work Orders Invoice Services Management Database

    Access Templates Work Orders Invoice Services Management Database for Access 2013

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