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Access Database Enterprise Password Management System Templates


Access Database Enterprise Password Management System Templates

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Microsoft Access 2016

2017-03-07 09:06:29

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Keeping employee contact information in an organized template allows users to nicely manage the contact. But, when the template is completed with a password; it adds twice security for the contact information. The provides employee password management for small business. It is basically a pre-made ms access template which mainly functions to organize employee contact information and secure it off with a password.

Any business, big or small, should realize the importance of keeping employee contact in a passworded template. This is because employee contact information is a high secret document which not every person can look at it. Only the particular employee, admin, and business owner have the right to access contact details. The problem with employee contact detail is it prone to information theft. People with bad intention may misuse the employee contact information. That is why keeping the employee contact information in a passworded template is crucial.

The main feature of this Microsoft access database is the password for ultimate security. Besides, the access database allows users to organize the employee contact information into the available form. So, whenever users need to find contact information, they can easily search for it in the template. The employee contact information access templates feature a simple interface with one main form to manage the contact and the other for the report page. Here are a short description of the Microsoft access database templates.

  • Login Form

  • Before proceeding to the main section of the password management access templates, there will be a login form. Users can log in to the template using the provided username and password. The username and password can be different from one employee to another, so, make sure to remember it. Also, it is important to not let other people see the username and password. For example, the username is roger1 and the password is an admin. Then hit the login button to proceed or cancel to abort page. If in case users lose the username and password, they can contact the administrator.

  • Contacts

  • The main page in the contact management Microsoft access templates is the contacts form. This page consists of several forms to organize the contact information based on the categories. The form in this page includes:
    -Title and name – in this category, users can input the title of the employee, first and last name, and also the date of birth.
    -Primary contact information – the primary contact information includes two columns which are email and phone number.
    -Physical address – similar to the previous category, the physical address includes some columns which are address, city, and country
    -System information – this category shares the basic information related to the employment status. There are several forms such as contact ID, username, password, last change, reminder, password validity, and user level. In this category users can change the password in the ‘change password button’. Then they can enter the new password and confirm new password in the new pop up window.

  • Reports

  • The last page in the contact management access database templates is the reports. The report page displays the summary of all contacts that have submitted in the previous page. It includes the name, date of birth, email, username, password, password change reminder. The reports page is very beneficial for evaluation and overview, thus, employees will not miss the time to change the password.

    After using the template, it is important to close the template by hitting the DB button. Make sure to never leave the template open to avoid unwanted behavior from others. That is why, the developer, includes the Quit DB button to safely close the template. The contact detail template with password should be able to keep the contact information safe. Read Enterprise Password Management Software for Microsoft Access Tutorial.

    Access Database Enterprise Password Management System Templates for Microsoft Access 2016

    Access Database Enterprise Password Management System Templates Access Database Enterprise Password Management System Templates

    Download Microsoft Access Database Enterprise Password Management System Templates

    Preview of Access Database Enterprise Password Management System Templates. This Access Database Templates was added on 2017-03-07 09:06:29 and compatible with Microsoft Microsoft Access 2016. Microsoft Access Templates size 2320 kb.

    Access Database Enterprise Password Management System Templates

    Access Database Enterprise Password Management System Templates for Access 2016

    Microsoft Access Software is Required to Open The Database

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