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Access Database Templates For Laboratory Administration


Access Database Templates for Laboratory Administration

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Access 2016

2018-08-03 13:25:57

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Keeping the patient sample database in Microsoft access is a basic thing on every health clinic or hospital should have. The patient health history helps the doctor to make better evaluation and treatment for the specific patient. Organizing patient health history can be a daunting task because there will a lot of patient on an everyday basis with different health record. But hospital management should be able to keep track of every patient health history regardless of who the patient is and their health condition. To make organizing patients health history a lot easier, the offers patient sample database. The Microsoft access templates are specifically made to manage laboratory tests and medical diagnostic for certain patient. The access database templates for patient sample record offers a simple user interface with not much form to fill in. Users will find this access database very easy and simple to use.

Laboratory patient management access database template is very useful for hospital services both public and private. In addition, this application is also very useful in health clinics. Patient management includes patient safety, medical treatment, patient's environmental hygiene, drug rights and the right to receive intensive care. This access template also helps hospital managers or doctors in monitoring the progress of patient health. There are several access databases that are very useful for the policy or consideration of hospital managers in performing medical actions. The main page view on this microsoft access application preview can be seen in the picture. The access database templates for patient health and laboratory tests are classified into four major menus. Each of the menus has different information tag but all are connected to each other. Here is the complete elaboration of every menu of patient sample access template.

  • Patients

  • The first menu of the Microsoft access database templates is the patient menu. As the name suggests, the patient menu caters any personal information of the patient. Users can submit the information of the patient in the eight columns provided starts from the patient ID, name, and date of birth, email, address, phone number, and payment method. All columns can be manually filled in except for the payment method. In this column, users can choose the payment method by clicking the arrow button and choose the desired option. Users can also add more payment method by clicking the pencil button below the options. After complete fill in the column, users can process to the next patient by pressing the enter button. In this category contains the patient's identity and a patient record management system, as all patients related data is recorded on this system. This patient category also provides several payment method options, payment options include cash, card or check. All hospitals or health clinics are expected to accept all three methods of payment.

  • Lab Test

  • The second menu in the patient sample access template is the lab test. This menu allows users to submit information related to the type of lab test performed in the hospital or clinic. All hospital or health clinics have numerous lab tests performed on a daily basis. Thus, it is important to record all type of lab test in advance. The lab test menu has three columns which cater information of the test ID, test title, and short summary. Users can add more lab test forms by pressing the enter button in the keyboard once after finish fill in the last column.

  • Test Result

  • The next menu in the lab test ms access template is the test result. The test result is different from the reports menu as it caters health record per patient. The test result menu classifies the patient and the test results in two different forms. The upper form caters the patient information such as sample ID, Patient ID, and also the date of the test. The lower form caters more complex information of the test that the patient has taken. The columns include the detail of the health test such as test ID, sample ID, analysis date, the test practitioners, specific notes, parameters, and results. For every lab test performed, there will be three parameters and results that should be submitted in this section.

  • MS Access Reports

  • The last menu in this laboratory test and medical diagnostic templates is the reports menu. The report menu displays the summary of lab test performed by the specific laboratories. All the information in the report menu is originated from the previous menus. The information is then divided into three main parts which are the patient information, samples for the patient, and also test result. The patient management Microsoft access template definition is generally a system involving aspects of patients or families of patients, doctors, nurses, and managers of hospitals or clinics with the primary goal of serving and curing patients. This system the last category is the report. This ms access report contains patient data on patient health and test results. The patient sample and lab test access database is a simple template to help organize the health record of the patient. Even after the patient discharges from the hospital, users can keep the record in case they will need it again for other medical purposes in the future.

    Access Database Templates for Laboratory Administration for Access 2016

    Access Database Templates For Laboratory Administration Access Database Templates For Laboratory Administration

    Download Microsoft Access Database Templates for Laboratory Administration

    Preview of Access Database Templates for Laboratory Administration. This Access Database Templates was added on 2018-08-03 13:25:57 and compatible with Microsoft Access 2016. Microsoft Access Templates size 1760 kb.

    Access Database Templates for Laboratory Administration

    Access Database Templates for Laboratory Administration for Access 2016

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