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Fleet Management System Software In Ms Access Database


Fleet Management System Software in MS Access Database

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Microsoft Access 2016

2017-10-28 09:53:25

(35 User Rated) has built access templates management of a fleet of vehicle database. This is a Microsoft access database with some series of menus to help to manage the fleet of the vehicle. The series of the menu in this access database includes information of the vehicle owner, maintenance, insurance records, and also reports. The main function of this ms access database template is to make the task of fleet managing less complicated as there are split of menus.

Any business that involves in leaser or owns vehicles should engage in fleet management form. The main purpose of fleet management is it provides solutions for managing the operations to run efficiently as well as stay competitive in the marketplace. In general, fleet management includes several forms with the diverse task for any business relies on transportation. Running management for the fleet is mainly aimed to control cost, efficiency, productivity, and also reduce the risk for vehicle acquisition. With constant force in reducing the total cost of maintenance and ownership, increase productivity, minimize risk, and also increase driver safety policies, fleet managers are constantly looking for simple but complete Microsoft access templates to help them dwell with the continuous challenge of fleet managing.

  • Owners

  • The first menu in this fleet managing access template is the owner menu. As the name suggests, this menu covers basic information of the vehicle owner into one form. The information form in this menu is divided into two boxes which are the owner and car identity detail. The upper box is the owner detail form which includes several columns such as first and last name, address, email, phone, region, and also department. Meanwhile, the lower box covers information of vehicles for the particular owner which also includes several forms such as license number, brands/make, model, model year, and also maintenance interval. All the information presented in this menu is connected to the other menus. So, it is important to submit the correct information only.

  • Maintenance Records

  • The maintenance records in the Microsoft access database templates for fleet managing is the second menu. This menu presents a simpler form which only covers maintenance information for specific vehicles. In this menu, all maintenance histories from all vehicles in the previous menu will be recorded accordingly. So, it will be easier to track down what kind of maintenance had performed for a specific vehicle. The maintenance menu features some forms to accommodate the maintenance history which are license number, arrival mileage, maintenance description, and date.

  • Insurance Records

  • The insurance record menu in the access templates for managing a fleet of vehicle shares similar form to the maintenance record menu. As the name suggests the insurance record menu functions to manage the renewal and expiry date of the insurance. This menu only features three columns which are license number, renewal, and expiry date.

  • MS Access Reports

  • The report menu in the access database templates shares a summary of maintenance and insurance status. The report is made based on the information submitted in the previous menu. Thus, the report is divided into two parts for maintenance and insurance status.

    -Maintenance status – the maintenance status present summary of vehicles’ maintenance history into one page. Besides maintenance detail, the report also delivers information about the owner, vehicle model, and such. The best thing about the report is it includes estimation mileage for the next maintenance.
    -Insurance status – the insurance status presents a summary of vehicles’ insurance history. This report is very functional because most people tend to forget when the vehicle expiry date. The report includes renewal and expiry data and most importantly highlights the insurance status.

    With the right Microsoft access templates managing fleet of the vehicle should not be a big deal. Many companies have been using this templates to get the fleet managing job done easily. Read Vehicle Fleet Management Solutions using Microsoft Access Database Tutorial.

    Fleet Management System Software in MS Access Database for Microsoft Access 2016

    Fleet Management System Software In Ms Access Database Fleet Management System Software Access Database

    Download Microsoft Fleet Management System Software in MS Access Database

    Preview of Fleet Management System Software in MS Access Database. This Access Database Templates was added on 2017-10-28 09:53:25 and compatible with Microsoft Microsoft Access 2016. Microsoft Access Templates size 2688 kb.

    Fleet Management System Software in MS Access Database

    Fleet Management System Software in MS Access Database for Access 2016

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