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Time Study And Work Measurement Software Database For Ms Access


Time Study and Work Measurement Software Database for MS Access

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Access 2016

2018-07-03 04:29:57

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When inventing a new product, every company knows the importance of time study and you can build microsoft access templates and databases to realize it. In the industrial field, time study is described as the act of observation and recording of time which required completing each detailed element of the production. The main purpose of using time study is to determine the standard of time for specific operations. In general, recording time study is related to fixing incentives, wages, and also estimate the production cost. As the name suggests, time study is also beneficial to accurately predicting the production time. So, the company can estimate when the work starts and ends as well as determine the amount of machine needed for the work to be done. Keeping the history of time study will be difficult to do it manually without a certain ms access template. This is because keeping time study requires punctuality. The provides employee time study to help in recording the production time and cost. The Microsoft access database is available for free download in the website.

The time study access database is basically a template specifically designed to record the production time and cost. There are several menus in the access template to submit the production information which are products and parts menu. Moreover, the report menu delivers the summary of all information submitted in the previous menus.

  • Products

  • The first menu in the Microsoft access database templates is the product menu. As the name suggests, the product menu consists of forms to submit any information related to the product. There are three sub-sections in the product menu. In the upper box, there is a description form where users can input the product names. The lower box is divided into two parts which are the associated parts and assembly steps. The associated parts box consists of two kinds of forms where users can submit the name of the part (for the product) and also the quantity required. To choose the part name, users can simply click the small arrow button and choose the required part.

    On the other hand, the assembly steps consist of four forms to record information of the production steps. The first form is the production steps description, the next is a department, and the last is the start/end date and time.

  • Parts

  • The part menu delivers the information of the part description and the cost. The part description form is based on the part information in the previous menu. If users need more columns, they can simply input the parts description in the lower column and the template will automatically add more columns. In the cost section, users can input the price of each part. If the previous menu functions to determine the production time, this menu functions to estimate the production cost. The cost of each part is recorded accordingly, so, it will be easier for users to calculate the production cost as well as the final product price.

  • Microsoft Access Reports

  • The last menu in the time study access templates is the reports menu. As aforementioned above, the report menu sums up the production information from the previous two menus. To see the reports, users can click the report button and then click the ‘time study’ button. The report menu mainly functions to display the summary of the time study for every product. Users can see the total quantity part required for the production and also the required assembly time. However, the report of time study access database templates does not include the parts cost. So, users may need other Microsoft access templates to make cost production estimation. The employee time study ms access template is beneficial in estimating the production duration for certain product. Thus, users can easily determine the start/end duration for a more precise production process. Read Time Study Software Database Tutorial.

    Time Study and Work Measurement Software Database for MS Access for Access 2016

    Time Study And Work Measurement Software Database For Ms Access Time Study And Work Measurement Software Database For Access

    Download Microsoft Time Study and Work Measurement Software Database for MS Access

    Preview of Time Study and Work Measurement Software Database for MS Access. This Access Database Templates was added on 2018-07-03 04:29:57 and compatible with Microsoft Access 2016. Microsoft Access Templates size 1420 kb.

    Time Study and Work Measurement Software Database for MS Access

    Time Study and Work Measurement Software Database for MS Access for Access 2016

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