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Top Ats Applicant And Recruitment Tracking System Access Database


Top ATS Applicant and Recruitment Tracking System Access Database

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Microsoft Access 2021

2022-10-01 02:37:07

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The applicant tracking system known as ATS is software to manage the employee recruitment process, and it can make the procedure run more efficiently. Companies can get various benefits from using this software. Some of the benefits are recruitment process can take a shorter time, minimize wasted time, reduce costs, and improve the quality of recruitment. For information, many services offer homemade software. However, not every software offers a simple procedure or step that you can easily understand how it works. So, the effectiveness of the application will not be perfect. That will be worse if the company requires this resume screening system for recruitment that will take place immediately. Therefore, you should find one of the best alternatives to get software that can help recruitment more efficiently, the ATS template. You can see simple graphics from this software. That is why it doesn't take long to understand its operation. On the other hand, you don't need to doubt the work efficiency of this resume screening system because there are many complete features, and each point has a multi-purpose. Check out more information on what the best ATS template looks like for you and how it works below.

Every company certainly wants an employee with high electability, loyal, and professionalism. Therefore, you cannot recruit people without knowing the detailed information first. However, reading one application at a time is quite tiring, especially if the number of resumes is not a little. When you want to know applicant information, searching files can be time-consuming. However, if all data is in one place, you can find applicant documents in only some minutes. Just save all recruitment process data in the applicant tracking software template. So, you don't lose applicant details. There are pieces of information that can be stored in detail, and here are some principal components in the template.

The component in the ATS template that is very important in its availability is job details. Not only job detail but also some features in the form of necessary columns should also be included in the job details as follows:

  • Job Title:to fill in the empty job title.

  • Company: to fill in the company name.

  • Job Link: fill in the official company website link.

  • Job Status: to inform whether the vacancy is valid or not.

  • Job Date: to inform the end date of recruitment.

  • In addition, make sure the job details component can directly fill in the total applicants, both active and failed. You can see it in the following column:

  • Total: the total number of applicants for the position.

  • Active: applicants who are still in the stage of consideration of whether or not to pass the selection.

  • Inactive: applicants who have completed all stages of recruitment and did not pass the selection.

  • On this ATS database system, you can fill in the available fields with information in the form of the applicant's data as follows:

    • Full Name: this is a column to fill in the applicant's full name.
    • Phone Number: this is a field to fill in the applicant's telephone contact that the company can contact.
    • Email: are columns to fill an active electronic mail address of the applicant. This contact is usually used by companies to inform the next stage of recruitment, for example conducting interviews.
    • The Date Available: the date the candidate applies.
    • Job: this is the position for which the candidate is applying.
    • Job Board: is code from site link website where companies publish job vacancies
    • Applicant Status: is the current status of the applicant, whether it is still active or failed to which stage the candidate has gone through.
    As with the column name, you can save applicant data, from the name, and personal contact, to the target position. In addition, there is also a column for information on the status of recruitment that applicants have gone through to which stage. No less important, the ATS tracking template must have access to save applicant files. Here are some additional fields in Applications Details.
    • Photo: insert a photo of the applicant.
    • CV/Resume: to save the applicant's curriculum vitae or resume file. Such as files in JPG or PDF.
    That way, your company's ATS software can also store photos of applicants to their resumes in one place. With that, you don't have to look at various other applications to find applicants for vacant positions in the company. All your work as a recruiter team can be more effective with this software. Simple graphics, easy to read, but can store much detailed information about employee candidates is the best feature of ATS templates. Another capability of the best resume screening system is that it can automatically calculate the number of applicants in the applicant details column. Not only that, but the ATS applicant tracking system can also display the number of recently submitted applications. So, you can do the screening process on the right file, here are the next few columns in Applications Details.

    • Total: the total number of employee candidates who volunteered.
    • Now: the number of applicants who have just sent applications.
    • Screened: is the total CV that has gone through the screening process by the recruiting team.
    • Interviewed: total candidates who have conducted an interview session with HR.
    • Offer Sent: the number of candidates the company has offered a job.
    • Hired: the number of candidates who have received job offers and agreed to contracts.
    • No Longer Considered: the number of candidates who did not pass the selection and do not need further consideration.
    In addition: the best resume screening system should also be able to calculate how many Curriculum Vitae (CV) applicants have entered the screening. That way, you can easily count the remaining files that have not entered the filtering stage.

    On this reports page, there will be details of all data stored in the recruitment database by ATS, including the following.
    • All Applications: this column will display the candidate's name, contact number, email, date of application, application link code, and applicant status.
    • New: this column will display the data of people who have just applied.
    • Screened: this column will display information on which candidate, and whose resume has entered the screening stage.
    • Interviewed: this column will show the full names of candidates who have entered the interview stage.
    • Offer Sent: this column will provide data on candidates for whom you have given a job offer.
    • No Longer Considered: this column will display the names and information of candidates who have failed the selection.
    • Hired: in this column, you can see which employee candidates have received employment contracts.
    Moreover, you can send email directly to specific applicant, group of applicants or all applicants using this ats system.

    Top ATS Applicant and Recruitment Tracking System Access Database for Microsoft Access 2021

    Top Ats Applicant And Recruitment Tracking System Access Database Top Ats Applicant And Recruitment Tracking System Access Database

    Download Microsoft Top ATS Applicant and Recruitment Tracking System Access Database

    Preview of Top ATS Applicant and Recruitment Tracking System Access Database. This Access Database Templates was added on 2022-10-01 02:37:07 and compatible with Microsoft Microsoft Access 2021. Microsoft Access Templates size 1914.61 kb.

    Top ATS Applicant and Recruitment Tracking System Access Database

    Top ATS Applicant and Recruitment Tracking System Access Database for Access 2021

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