Forms, Queries and Reports on Access Database

Although there is a table which can store your entire database in Access, but the other three objects offer you the ways to work with it. The three of those objects are forms, queries, and reports. Each of those objects interacts with records which is stored in your tables of Access database.


Forms, Queries and Reports on Access Database


The first object is forms. It is used to enter, modify, and view the records. You have had to fill the forms out on many occasions such as when you visit the doctor office, register for a school, or apply for a job. The reason why forms are used often is that it is an easy way to guide many people toward entering the data correctly. When you enter the information into the Access' form, the data will go exactly where the database maker wants it to go for one or more tables. Form makes the data is easier to be entered. Working with the extensive tables could be a confusing way, and when you are being connected with the tables, you should to work more than one at a time in order to enter a set of data. Nevertheless, it would be easier to use the forms since it is possible to enter the data into multiple tables in a time for all in one place.


Then the second object is queries. It is a way to search and compiling the data from one or many more tables. Operating a query is like asking a detailed question of the database. When you create a query in Access, you define the specific search conditions to find the data that you want. Query is more powerful than the simple searches that you may carry out within the table. While a search will be able to help, you finding the name of a customer in your business, you can operate a query to find the name and their phone numbers who has made a deal within the past week.


The last is reports. It provides you with the ability to present the data in print. Report is useful because it allows you to present the component of the database in an easy format way to be read. You will be able to customize the appearance of a report to make it appealing in visually way. Access provides you to the ability to make a report from any queries or tables.

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