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    How to Create Ms Access Reports


    If you want to preset your ms access query or table but don't wish to let anyone work on the data, you can consider creating the report. MS Access Report is a reader friendly and printable page that has table view of the specific data you want to present. Access makes it easy for you to create and modify the data on report by using some simple commands. Now we will learn how to make the report and delete the unnecessary fields from the report without affecting the database. To follow along you need to have the sample database Access 2016 open.


    Open the Cookies Sold query as we will work on the query of sold cookies to make it into report. Now select the Create tab on the Ribbon and locate the Report group. Click on the Report command and Access will design you a report based on the query you choose. Report can also work on the table data.


    After seeing the report, you may realize that some fields of your report are outside the page break, which means if you are about to print this, you will lose some fields outside the page break. So you should resize the fields to narrow them a bit so all the required fields to see are inside the page break. Resizing field is simple, just click on the field and then click and drag the edge into desired size of the field. Repeat with other fields until all your fields are inside page break.


    After that you can save the report by clicking the Save command of the Quick MS Access Toolbar and you will be prompted you name the report. Click OK and finish.


    When you see your report you might find the unnecessary data on your report that you wish to just get rid of it. For example from the report of sold cookies there is Zip Code of the customers which is not essential to know on the report. Fortunately, Access makes it eases for you to just delete the field, but it doesn't affect the table or query you make the report from. Just click any cell from the field you want to delete and press Delete key on your keyboard. The header of the field is still there, so delete it too by select the header and then press delete. The changes you make in your report will not affect your tables or query database, it will just be seen in the report.

    Create MS Access Reports - Step 1



    Create MS Access Reports - Step 2



    Create MS Access Reports - Step 3



    Create MS Access Reports - Step 4


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