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    How to Create MS Access Total Query


    Before we are done with the MS Access Query tutorial chapter, may we add one more options and then conclude the whole query creation and command options we have within it. There are two additional types of query which basically meant to help you to fins the query you want to see or even to delete them.

    When you are working on query from your database, you can expect the query to simplify your single table or multi tables based data by sorting and adding filter on Criteria row, but do you know that it also can do numerical orders? Creating Total query really helps you to sort the database especially based on numerical order. By using the Total command you will have the access to your database numbers on specific orders like Sum, Maximum, Minimum, Count, Average, First, and Latest. Each of these commands carries their own result. For example the Maximum command will sort the data based on the highest value while the Minimum command will have your data sorted based on the lowest value first. To simply add the value of your data, you can use Sum command. Now how to run this total query on your current Query?


    To follow along, first you need to have the sample database Access 2016 where we learnt how to make simple query and multi tables based query. Then now you open the Menu Item Orders query. To change the sorting criteria, come back to the Design view by clicking the dropdown arrow on the View tab and choose the Design View. We are now on the design view and you can click Total command. By clicking the Total command you will see one row is added to your design grid and names Total row. This total row shows "Group by" on each field.


    Choose the field you want to total and click the drop down arrow and choose the command you prefer. By this stage we are going to try the Sum command which means to add the value of the object. Click the Sum command and then after you are sure about the sorting and filtering, click the Run command and the result will be shown on the datasheet view as a table. All of the order based on the same items and selling package are all summed up so you can easily see how many cookies and cakes are sold by the type.


    Another point that you need to remember is that if you have hidden field from the design grid, make sure you make them appear first on the design view to see if you need to adjust or to set them on the Total command row before you are clicking the Run command.

    ms access total query



    ms access query total


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