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    How to Find and Remove Duplicates MS Access Query


    Are you mastering Microsoft Access? Microsoft Access is essential program that you need to master if you are working in the office field. You need to master it so that you will have the easy access for doing all of the things related to your job. If you have not mastered it yet, you do not need to be worried. You still can learn about it well. In this case, we are going to discuss about how to find a duplicate query. Do you know about duplicate query before? For your information, duplicate query will enable you to look for and identify the duplicate records within tables. The duplicate record here can be referred to the same person, thing, or another thing. In this case, finding the duplicate query is very important in order to avoid any problem in the future. That's why you need to learn and master how to find the duplicate records.

    Here are some ways that you can do to Find and Remove Duplicates MS Access Query:

    1. For the first step, you need to choose Create tab on the MS Access Ribbon, then you need to select Queries group and choose MS Access Query Wizard command.

    2. Then, when the New Query box is appeared, choose Find Duplicates Query Wizard from the queries list. Then you should choose Ok.

    3. Try to select the table that you want to find the duplicate records and then try to click Next. For example, you are looking for the Menu Items, so you should select Menu Items table.

    4. Then, select the fields that you want to find out for the duplicate information by selecting them and try to click the right arrow button. Please keep in mind that you only need to choose the fields that should not be similar in the non-duplicate records.

    5. After you find out the fields that you are looking for, try to click Next.

    6. Choose another additional field to see it in the query results. Try to choose the fields that will help you to differentiate between the duplicate records and the original one and then you need to keep one of them. After that, click Next.

    7. Microsoft Access will automatically give the recommendation of the name for the query but you also can change it into the different name. Click finish to run your query. Those are only some examples that you can do. You need to try and learn it well so that you can find out the duplicate records in your database.

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