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    How to Setup MS Access Query Criteria and Parameters


    Are you common in using computer for your daily life? Do you like to use computer for your daily life? I believe that you will be familiar for using computer. There are many kinds of benefits that you can get by using computer in your daily life. Let's say for making the essay or doing the homework from your teacher, you will need to make it with Microsoft Word. This is one of the programs from Microsoft Office that will help you so much to do many kinds of jobs in your life. Well, if you want to have the good processing about database, you need to use Microsoft Access. In this case, we are going to talk about how to create the parameter query in Access.


    Do you know what query parameters are? This is one of the simplest queries that you can make and you can create too. It can be updated easily for the new search term too. Then, in this case, we will discuss about how to create and run a parameter query.


    1. The first thing that you need to do is creating a query that you commonly do. Then, you can also modify the table joins if you need it and also try to select the filed in order to include the query and also add the non-variable criteria in the suitable filed in the Criteria row.

    2. You also need to place the fields of the desired criteria then choose Criteria: row too.

    3. Then, once you need to want to find out the phrase that you want to choose, type it in the prompt.

    4. Besides, when you click the Design tab, you need to choose Run your query. The dialog box will directly appear with the certain kind of prompt. You need to enter the term that you want and click Ok. You will see your query results.


    Tips for Writing the MS Access Query Parameters

    1. Please make it clear for any type of information that you are looking for as long as the format too.

    2. Try to simplify the parameters query because it will give you with the exact match criteria meaning and the query also will give you with the exact text that you are type in the prompt too. Those are only some steps and tips that you can do. You can try to practice it and good luck for creating the query parameters.

    Create MS Access Query Parameters



    Access Query Parameters



    How to Create MS Access Query Parameters


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