Microsoft Access Forms Tutorial

Really, there are just various ways people can choose to make one form in Microsoft Access. However, let’s learn to make one by using Wizard here. This Microsoft Access forms tutorial suggests this specific way for you because it is very useful and is the one that can get things done as quickly as possible. You will save much time by using this way here. It is just the best way you can follow if you don’t have time for time-consuming form building.


Making the Form by Using Wizard in MS Access


Basically, it is easy to make form with wizard. First of all, you will have to look for Forms section in Access. Click on it and you will be able to find “create form in design view” and “create form by using wizard” options. Of course, you will have to choose the latter option and double click it. Next, you will have Form Wizard window before you. Select the table you want for the form. Just drop down the Tables/Queries box and select your own choice.


This Microsoft Access forms guide will still continue the next step in the same window as before. This time, your job is to add selected fields from the available fields. If you want certain field, add one by clicking single right arrow. However, if you want all fields, you can simply click the double right arrow. Once you are done with that, be sure to not forget clicking Next button. This will lead you to the next window that you have to work on after that one.


In the new window that appears before you, you will need to choose the layout for the form. Choose Columnar for better form layout and click Next. Then, it will be the time for you to choose the style for the form. You can choose whichever style you want though. If you are done, click Next again. The last Form Wizard window will then appear. This time, you will need to type the title for the form. Type whatever it is and click Finish. It is done.


Entering Data in the Form We Made Above


Now that you have learn how to make form with wizard in this tutorial about MS Access forms, let’s learn how to enter the data in the form. Rest assured! It is as easy as how it sounds to do so. You start by opening the titled form earlier. Form window with your chosen title will then appear. Then, you need to pay close attention to a set of arrow buttons at the bottom. Click the one with right arrow and asterisk, the right most button.


After that, you will get first blank record where you can start entering the data needed for the record. Click the right arrow button if you want to get to the next record. The data you enter will then be added automatically to the existing table that we choose when we make the form earlier. Once you are done entering the data, you can just close the form. There you go. Have this Microsoft Access forms tutorial been useful to you?


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