MS Access SQL Functions

SQL is one of the computer language that help people to perform their work. It will help them when they want to classify some data based on some criteria. In other hand, SQL also will make the way to get the specific data becomes easier to be finished. Here, we will talk about some kinds of MS access SQL functions, which are listed by its category. It is like an excel program, some functions are available with will perform the different function. We don’t want to show the detail function and the syntax of it but we will mention some kinds of function with the common explanation. For the detail of the function, we have explanation in other posts. You can search it by yourself.


List of function category


As I have said before, here we are going to talk about some functions inside the MS access SQL. Of course, each function will deliver the different result when it is used as a function. There are several kinds of the functions, which we will talk and we will explain a brief of it. Let us see the detail function.


String function


The first function inside SQL is the string function. The string function is one of the most common functions, which is used by the people. In overall, this function is used to manipulate the string. Some detail point includes in this function. Here you can see the list of it below:


  • ASCII   : is the function to return the left-most-character in a numeric value
  • BIN      : is a string function that will return the string look inside the argument of the data
  • CHAR  : is a string function that will be useful to return the character in every integer passed
  • ELT       : is a string function that is used to return the string inside the number of index


Actually, there are many other kinds of string function beside the explained above; however, we only show some common functions using by the people.


Count function


The second function inside the MS access SQL is the count function. As its name, this function is used to count the data inside the table. It will be useful when you want to finish your job in counting some subject. In overall, the use of it is similar with the count function in excel. Then, how to use this function inside SQL? Well, you need to know the syntax of the function first. You can see the other post to learn about it.


Numeric function


The other function in SQL is the numeric function. People need to know that the use of this function is to do some manipulations in numeric or mathematic calculation. There are several detail or idea inside this function. We will see some kinds of it below.


  • ABS        : is the function to return the absolute point in some expression of numeric
  • ACOS     : is the function that will return the arccosine in some expression of numeric
  • ATAN    : is the function that return the arctangent in expression of numeric


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