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Another function of the MS access SQL is the insert function. The insert here will be useful to help you finishing some jobs. In specific, this function is deal with inserting the data into a table, which will provide the nice arrangement. In this occasion, we will talk about some details of it, which can be the way to help you when you want to apply the function. We also will explain some statements in building the MS access SQL insert into function. I hope it will be useful for you all.


Statement of the function


We all know that the function will work with the kind of statement. Here, we will try to know some kinds of the statement of this function. Some statements show the different description. See the point below wholly.


  • target is the name of the query of the specific table that becomes the object to append the record
  • field 1 and 2 are the names of the field, which will be useful to append the data. This function will be worked when it follows the source argument and target argument
  • external database is the way to go to the external database. The description of the way will be explained in ‘IN’ clause
  • source is the name of the query or the specific database as the place of saved argument
  • table expression is the name of the specific table, which records are lying inside it. The argument here could be single in table name or compound as it combine some arguments into one part
  • value 1 and 2 are the other part inside the process. You need to separate the value with the comma and enclose it with the quotation mark. In overall, it is similar with the IF function of excel




Some explanation above shows that there are some elements inside the MS access SQL, especially in the insert menu. However, people need to know about the remarks of it to. The meaning of it is that people are able to use this insert into function in adding some single record to the kind of table. For the simpler way, they are able to use the single record syntax (I will mention it later). Something that people need to do in using the function is that they need to make a clear name and value in each field. Besides, they also need to specify the name and the field before it is added into the right table. When the people don’t do this way, the result in the table will be null. It means that the formula of their function is wrong.


Example of syntax


Here We want to show the example of syntax, which people can do in performing this function.


INSERT INTO target [(field1[, field2[, …]])] [IN externaldatabase]  SELECT [source.]field1[, field2[, …]  FROM tableexpression
Single-record append query:
INSERT INTO target [(field1[, field2[, …]])]  VALUES (value1[, value2[, …])


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