MS Access Sql Query


We all know that the SQL is one of the language computers. It uses as function to finish some jobs, as excel does. However, there is a significant difference here, especially in the syntax and statement. The MS access SQL query will work with statement. There are some kinds of statement inside SQL, which provide some different rules. Here, we will talk about the select clause. Why do we talk about this statement? Well, it is because the select statement is one of the most common statement using by the people here. There are some points, which we will discuss.


Using square blanket to in close identity


In select clause, it is important for you to use the square blanket. Yes, this square blanket is used to enclose the identifier. There are several rules here, which can be the consideration. When there is no space or special character in the data, then the blanket is optional. However, when there is a special character inside the data, you need to use the square blanket to differ the character. Then, how about when the stamen has two or more statement? When this matter happens, here you need to add the name of each data source inside the select clause.


Select all fields


The second point is about selecting all available fields. This matter will be very useful when you want to include all fields from the data sources. By selecting all fields, you will be able to decrease the time of your job than select with the individual way. Here, you can use the way called as asterisk wildcard character or (*). Here, by applying this way, the access will run all kinds of data sources, include all data inside the query.
You are also able to use this way in selecting the single or more data inside the SQL statement. When you use this asterisk in multiple choice, you need to add the data sources together with the asterisk. It will make the access becomes able to determine the specific data source to be added from the fields.


Here, the arrangement of the syntax, which you can use in this point:


SELECT Orders.*, Contacts.[E-mail Address]
Of course, you need to check the detail data from MS access SQL to make sure that the syntax is working well.


Select distinct values


Now, we will talk about selecting the distinct values. It is also another important menu about the select statement inside the MS access SQL. This point is used when you are already know that your statement will select the kind of redundant data. Besides, it also can be the best option when you want to see the kind of distinct value. When you want to do those matters inside your job, please use the distinct option in your select clause inside the access.


An example of this point is you want to suppose that your customers have kinds of different favorite and interest. However, some of them use the same number of their telephone. Of course, you need to make difference to add the interest of your customer into the table. When this matter happen, you can use this distinct value. You only need to see kinds of telephone number once. Then, how about the syntax of this formula? Here, the syntax is as follows:


SELECT DISTINCT [txtCustomerPhone]


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