Types of Forms in MS Access

Microsoft Access is one of the programs from Microsoft Office. It is appropriate for you who work with database. One of the features offered by Microsoft Access is Form. Form is a feature that functions to relate the tables of data. Therefore, you can enter, change and view the stored information easily in the database. There are many types of forms in MS Access that you need to know. Here they are:


Standard Forms


This is the basic model of forms in Microsoft Access. So, the form also comes with the standard display. This is the simplest one. So, it is appropriate for you who want to use form in the first time. You can use it easily. Anyway, it belongs to one of the kinds of forms in MS Access.


Card Forms


The second type is card form. It allows you to view a record in the table. Besides that, you can also edit it and the same time. It is commonly used when you have many fields and you want to see them all on one line only. It always has tabs such as index tabs and you can select it to show different field groups. In addition, you can also name it freely based on your desire.


Statistic Forms


The next type is statistic form. It enables you to see information but you cannot edit it. Usually, it contains FlowField. It allows you to drill down so that you can get more information. It also usually contains derived or calculated information that is contained in different variables where you cannot drill them down.


Tabular Forms


Tabular forms also belong to one of the types of forms in Microsoft Office Access. It is a multi-record form where it enables you to see multiple records in a table. You can also edit them based on your desire. Every record is displayed as a row in a tabular form and every filed will be displayed as a column.


List Forms


It is also a multi-record form. It also allows you to view multiple records through a table at the same time. However, you are not allowed to edit them. It looks like a tabular form where it has the same columns and rows.


The “Specialized” Ledger Form


If you want the more specialized form, you can use this type of form. It is used commonly for Ledger Entry table. It is different from ordinary list forms even though you cannot delete or insert records. However, you can still edit a few record fields.


Worksheet Forms


Then, it also becomes one of the types of forms in MS Access. It is worksheet forms. It is a specialized version from tabular forms. This is a multi record form that allows you to see multiple records through tables. You are also allowed to edit them freely. When you insert a record, it will not jump to another position in the form. However, it stays in the same position. The main key fields are not shown on this worksheet form.


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