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    Types of Query in Microsoft Access


    Making ms access query of your database helps you to sort and filter your database based on your preferred filter and sorting option. You can modify more than one table into query and make them into reader friendly outlook on your datasheet view of Access 2016. As we have done exercising on making the single table based query and multi table based query as well as adding sort into filter, now we can learn about more types of query commands. Sometimes we need our data to also show up some additional information like the total number of Cheesecake that has been ordered in piece, or the total number of the Rainbow cake sold in dozen. This information is normally sorted just based on the Criteria filter we set before, but not counting it down. If you have 3 different orders of Cheesecake then there will be three different line of the same order.


    Microsoft Access Query Types



    MS Access Query Types



    Types of Query in MS Access


    Working with sum and other type of commands are what we will learn right now. This command in query will allow you to do numerical filtering on your database. For example you want to know the total amount of people ordering Cheesecake, and then you need to use the Sum command that will add value in the Quantity field to calculate the total number of Cheesecake. All you need to do is to go to the Design View and click the Total command. Your design grid will now have the new row called Total row. All of them will say "Group by". To sum the quantity, you need to click on the quantity - total cell and click drop down arrow and choose the SUM. After that you can Run the query and you can see that all the orders are sorted based on the same object with the total number of each object. You might find some object has more than once name appear, it is normally because the specific object has different types of selling items, for example the Banana cake appears twice because it has the single cookie package and half-dozen packages. It is not only Sum command that you can find in the drop down arrow on total row. You can also find Count, to count the total number of each items; Average, to find the average value; Maximum, returns to the highest value; Minimum, returns to the lowest value; First, returns to the earliest value and; Latest, returns to the most recent value.

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