What is a Report in Access

One of the programs of Microsoft Office is Microsoft Access. It is a program that is useful for those who work with database. It comes with many features and one of the most interesting features is report. Therefore, it is important to discuss about this feature. What is a report in Access? That is what we will discuss in this article.


The Definition of Report in Access


Firstly, we need to know about the definition of Microsoft Access Report. Like form, report is used to represent the result of database process become information that is ready to print out on paper sheets. Why do we need to make a report? It is very useful to make a report such as for financial report. You can make it fast and the report will be easy to understand.


How to Create a Report in Access


If you want to create a report, you just need to open the pane and click query or table where you want to base the report. After that, click “Create” tab. Then, choose “Report”. Once you click it, Microsoft Access will create your report & display it in Layout view. You can also consider modifying it. After you create a report, you can save it. Just click “Save” button on the tool bar of Quick Access. If it is the first time you save the report, a dialog box will appear that says “Save As”. Just name it the click “OK” and your report will be saved in your computer.


What Are Sections of an Access Report?


In MS Office Access report, there are some sections that you need to know. The first is Report Header that appears in the first page only. It is located on the top & displays the title. Besides that, there is also Page Header where it appears on every page. It is also located at the top and displays field labels or headings for every column. The next section is Page Footer that appears in every page at the top. It displays the total page numbers. Then, there is also Detail Section that appears between header and footer. It displays records from query or table. The last one is Report Footer. It is actually optional. It appears in the last page that displays information like grand totals.


Creating a Report with Report Wizard


If you want to create a report in Microsoft Access, you can also use Report Wizard. It provides more flexibility than Report button. There are many features offered by Report Wizard such as title your report, apply a style, choose a layout & orientation, summarize the data, sort the data, group the data, and tables & fields. All of them are easy to create.


So, what is a report in Access? I have just explained above. Besides interesting, it is also easy to use. Based on the explanation above, there are many uses of Report in Access. Hopefully this will be a useful reference and guide for you who use Microsoft Access.

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