Access Database Templates of Hr Software for Small Business

The Access template is for HR software for small business and compatible with microsoft access 2016. It can be used in managing the employees database, their absence and attendance, and as well analyzing their payrolls. The employee management software can be used in any kind of industry but specifically for small to medium business company.

The HR software for small business has these menus:

Menu for recording the employee database software. The fields are:
- Employee ID: Primary Key. autogenerated field, in numeric. You can modify the field mask later.
- Names field: String.
- Email Address: String. No validation at the moment, but you can set up later.
- Phone Number: numeric, consist of 3 digits for extension (in bracket) and 7 digits for actual phone number.
- Hire Date: Date/Time
- Active Status: lookup field. There are 2 values. Active means the employee still working regularly. Pension means the person has been retire but receive their pension investment. You can add more status such as Quit.
- Monthly Salary: in currency.
- Project Details: Description of the project that taken and worked by employee. You can change it into job positions instead. The HR software for small business can be easily to modified to fit your company needs. You can add more details, such as address, job positions (with lookup value), birthdate, or marital status and children.


access database templates of hr software for small business


To upload or change employee photo/picture: 1. Double click the photo box or click the attachment icon (which will appear after you click the photo box once)


hr software for small business


2. Attachment dialog box will appear. Click Add.
3. Navigate to the photo location. Select the new photo, click OK. You can add more than one pictures.
4. Click Remove and Open button to manage the pictures.
5. If you want to switch photo, just click the navigation arrows besides the attachment icon.


employee hr software for small business


On below, there are 4 more fields:

- CV Upload: attachment fields, for CV or portfolio. To upload the cv, follow the steps in setting up employee photos.
- CV Upload Date: Date/Time
- Uniform: attachment fields, for displaying work dress code. To upload the picture, follow the steps in setting up employee photos.
- Uniform Details: string, for describing the uniform such as color, name, or size.

Menu for tracking the employee attendances and absences.


human resource management system software


- Employee: lookup field, value taken from Employee menu.
- Date: in Date, attendance Date
- Work Status: lookup field. Currently there are 3 values: At work, Sick, and On Leave.
Only Sick status would counted as absence. On Leave status meaning that the employee has permission or taking their vacation days. It can be meaning that the employee take early leave.
- Time In: in Time, arriving time. Can be blanked if work status is Sick or On Leave. Will affect Late Rate in Reports.
- Time Out: in Time, time going home.



employee database software


When you open the Report menu, a Report Settings form will be displayed first. The form consists of:
- Resumption Times: In Time, started time of office hour. This field will only affect Late rate in show Attendance Report.

Report to display the employee performance management software report, along with the late and On Time Rate.


employee performance management software


In this ms access report, there are 3 subs:
- Company Overview: display total number of employee, active employee, and pension employee.
- Company Monthly Performance (Active Employees only): display the overview of all employees performances. Active employee only. It displays the Working Days, Absence, On Time and Late statistics.
- Monthly Performance Summary by Employee (Active Employees only): overview of performance by each employees. The displayed record fields same like Company Monthly Performance, only in each employees.
Because the Time out field (in Attendance menu) is not too utilized in HR software for small business, you can set up the overtime point system using the Time Out field in report. Or, you can set out the overtime or early leave report.

Report for displaying employee uniform and dress code:


employee management software


The human resource management system software is open source. You can modify the template and enhance its features. You can set the HR software for small business into web application for multiuser usage or integrate with other application. The HR software for small business can be downloaded for free at and you can use microsoft access 2016 to operate this access templates.

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