Microsoft Access Templates for Contact Management Database Tutorial

Access Templates for Contact Management Database - Have you ever imagined how many business partners contact database that a company has? A small micro company may have around 50 business partners or greater. They are all have different phone numbers, address, email, or any other contact's information. Don't forget the customer, supplier, or your own employee contacts. With the large number of contacts, the need of contact database software is really crucial. We can't just scatter our partner's business cards just for searching for one partner number. It will take time and quite tiring to search over hundreds or thousands of cards.

Contact database software for Microsoft Access Templates has proven to be handy. There are so many contact management application scattered on the internet, ranging from free, into paid one. This access template is free contact management tools. It is simple and easy to use. The interface is made simple and intuitive for easiness. When you open this template, you may have to login first. This is to ensure the safety of the confidential data.

Let's take a look at this contact management template. In the form's header, you may notice 3 menus: 'Contacts', 'Reports', and 'Quit DB'. I won't tell much about 'Quit DB'. It is literally to close the access template. So, let's stick witch 'Contact' menu first.

Contact Details Database


Contact Database Software


To start using your contact management software, you can start by fill all the Contact Detail form. Title is how you call the person listed. It's not limited to Mr, Mrs, or Miss. You can use local title like 'Senor', or such. This contact management template include email address, phone number, and physical address such as address, city, and country.

There is two User Level: 'Admin' and 'User'. This System Information only visible to 'Admin' level, since it is only admin who can edit the contacts. The 'User' can only open and read the contacts, without change anything. This is meant for the company who allow the contact data to be accessed by other person or its employees.


Contact Management Microsoft Access Application


If it for personal use (Yes, this template can be used as personal contact management too), you may ignore the Username and Password for 'User' level. Don't forget to set your own contact into Admin and set your own Username and Password. The Contact ID's field is auto-generated, meaning that you can't change any data inside. It is work as the Contact's primary key.

Contact Database Details Reports
Another feature in this contact management tool is 'Report' menu. It purpose is to display all the contacts and their details in printable report, listing manner. When you click the Menu, you will see 'Show Contact Details' button. After you clicked the button, the contact list will be appeared like below pictures:


Contact Database Management


Summary of Contact Management Database Software for Microsoft Access Templates
This contact management template is free and can be used for company or as personal contact management software. Its feature includes authentication (Login) method. There are 2 User Level in order to access the database: 'User' and 'Admin'. 'User' only can view the contacts, while 'Admin' has privilege to edit, as well setting the username and password. To view the contacts in list mode, you have to click the 'Reports' menu.

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