Access Templates Inventory Management Database Tutorial

Access Templates Inventory Management Database - One of business access templates is inventory database and companies absolutely require the well-organized one. Microsoft Access hence offers the best way to fully support companies arrange their own stock database efficiently. Just in case they are going to check the stuff belonging to, it can be simply accessed through this inventory management software in access.


Inventory Management


This inventory management software freeware, as seen on the picture above, keeps the inventory based on several basic categories displayed on the main switchboard. This simple inventory management software distinguishes between the incoming goods and the outgoing goods to store. Also, this inventory management access does the same thing to the reports and it is noticeable to differentiate the types of reports according to the name.

Once the users open the incoming goods by clicking the button, for instance, this warehouse inventory management Microsoft Access is going to connect to the incoming details form. It can be seen on the image of warehouse inventory management software below, that the form appears and show the specified information which can be sought through related to certain items coming in.


Inventory management software in access


The users can seek the referred good according to special barcode which has been formatted before on this inventory management. Right after the enter button is pressed, the form will show whether the inventory is still available or not. Besides, this form has identified every stuff input as specific as possible so that it is crystal clear to recognize the condition of the inventory. It depicts the name of course, the unit, and the amount of goods. Furthermore, it attaches the unit price, the condition, not to mention the exact date including the time when the items are coming.


Warehouse inventory management Microsoft Access


When it comes to inventory management vs warehouse management, the remarkable discrepancy is only about the specification. Warehouse management, as showed on the picture above, basically will give the deeper information regarding each good. Not only noticing the unite price, but it also describes the initial stock, the current stock, and the exit stock. In the end, it shows the total available inventory so that it is supposed to be easy to analyze using this access database.


access templates inventory management


To make the good inventory management like this, firstly the users have to put all the data into the table part. This inventory database groups the specification well and it is easy to understand. It suggests the barcode for every good which is definitely different and it identifies the name, the unit, and the unit price. Additionally, this access database of inventory management provides the initial stock, the current stock, and the exit stock so that it is complete enough.

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