Microsoft Access Templates Salary Payroll Tax for Small Business Software Tutorial

Access Templates Salary Payroll Tax for Small Business Software - Payroll tax software made for managing your employee or member's salary or payroll tax. It is really helpful in accounting and especially you who has difficulities in calculating and managing the tax for every employee. This payroll tax software is for small business. It can be used for personal use too. There are only 3 simple menu, which will be explained below.

Taxable Payroll Entities
The first menu of this payroll software for small business is the menu to input and record the tax based on person. As you can see in below picture, there are 3 sub-form in this menu.

Payroll Tax Software for Microsoft Access


The first sub-form in the header, is the fields to add and record the employee data. Unlike most template, payroll tax software only has 3 fields to record the employee or member: Account Number and name fields. This time, the Account Number act as the primary key, but don't worry it is not auto-generated. You have to input the field manually.

In the middle sub-form of this small business payroll software, it is the form to record the payroll payment. You have to fill the payment date and the gross payment received by employee. Don't forget to fill the payroll payment date too.

The next bottom part is the tax type that should be paid based on the Payment Date, so not all of tax will be included. To add the tax type, just click the drop-down menu and select the showed option. The option is taken from the Tax Types menu. If you using this payroll tax software for personal use, you may ignore the first sub-form header. And before you complain, the tax calculation is presented in Reports menu, not in this one.

Payroll Tax Types
This is the master menu of this payroll tax software and better be visited first before the Taxable Entities menu. It just consists of 2 fields: Tax Name and Tax Percent. Hence their name, it is for input the type of the tax and the percentage in payroll. Since there is no tax ID, you have to be careful in naming the tax. Make sure that there's no redundant tax data. However, it is easily avoided if you able to customize the payroll tax software. Most of software is open source.

Payroll Tax Software for Small Business


Payroll Tax Report
Like the rest of the payroll tax software programs template, the last menu always report. The printable report sorts by Account Number and Name first, then the time period of the payroll and tax. It will automatically calculate the amount of the tax in nominal money based on percentage. The net payment of the payroll will be automatically calculated too.

Small Business Salary Payroll Software


Summary of Microsoft Access Templates Salary Payroll Tax for Small Business Software
This payroll software for accountants is purposed to calculating your employee's payroll tax. First, check they Tax Types menu first to insert the tax description and percentage. Next, input the employee detail, gross payroll, and the tax type taken at the payroll period. The payroll tax software will automatically calculate the tax amount and net payroll in report form. This payroll tax software is free to download in

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