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Microsoft Access Ambulance Service Template is one of MS Access templates created mainly for recording the Ambulance activities. Through ambulance service template is targeted for clinics or hospitals with ambulance, it actually can be used for other business using car or vehicle, such as shipping or vehicle rental business. There are 3 menus in this ambulance service access template:

The menu for recording the ambulance usage. Because most of ambulance is used when patient call is initiated, that's why the menu is called Calls. The fields are:


Ambulance Service Dispatch Software for MS Access


- Call Description: the description of the call, the reason why the ambulance is dispatched.
- Call Date / Time: the time when the call is received
- Call Status: the status of the ambulance in response of the call. There are consists of 3 values: Waiting for response (the ambulance is being coordinated), On the Way, and Solved (the patient has been brought). You can add more status by clicking the drop-down menu. On the bottom of drop down menu, you may notice a small square icon. Click it and Edit Value dialog box will appear. Update the value and click OK.
- Caller Address: the location where the ambulance is dispatched to.
- Ambulance Name
- Ambulance Number: the ID of the Ambulance.
There are no ambulance charges in call at this moment because in some countries, calling an ambulance is free, while in some place it needs to be paid. Unfortunately, both Ambulance Name and Ambulance Number fields are mere like attribute field rather than foreign key field. This is because ambulance service access template does not include Ambulance master table. It is recommended if you add a new table or form for Ambulance master, unless if it small clinic or hospital with only one Ambulance. Since not all dispatches caused by emergency calls, you may add calls or dispatch category for the ambulance service. It does not have to be a new table, but an options field like Call Status field.



Ambulance Service Software for MS Access


Menu for recording the maintenance that has been done to the Ambulance. Its fields consist of:
- Activity description: what maintenance activity that has been done to the ambulance. This is including which parts of that repaired and the ID of the ambulance.
- Date: the date of the maintenance.
- Cost
It has been mentioned that there is no Ambulance master table in this emergency medical dispatch access template. If you create one, you can add one field in this menu to take and determine which Ambulance that has been maintained and the maintenance activities. If there is invoice or payment detail, you can integrate them into this menu. Additionally, you can add parts category fields to separate it from Activity field, so it is much neater and easy to sort.

The menu to display the recorded data in summarized, neater looks. The report is printable, but you may need to customize the design to replace the Company Name or add time period.


Ems Dispatch Software for MS Access


There are 2 types of reports in this ambulance dispatch system access template:



Emergency Dispatch Software for MS Access


This is the report to display all the summarized records of the ambulance service dispatch data that has been stored from Calls menu.

This is the report to display all the summarized records of the maintenance in ambulance service data that has been stored from Maintenance menu.


Ambulance Dispatch for Ms Access


At the end of the Maintenance reports, you can add the grand totals. Since the ambulance service system is fully open source, it is highly recommended to add date filters or Call Status filters for each reports type. You can enhance more feature like sorting the reports either by Date or Ambulance ID.

You can set up ambulance service template into web-based application and multiuser usage. The emergency dispatch database is free and totally open source, so feel free to modify and enhance the features. Lastly, you can download the ambulance service database template at, along with unique and another useful template.

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