Parts and Inventory Billing Software for Retail Shop in Access Database Templates

Billing Software for Retail Shop in Access Database Templates - The billing software for retail shop in access templates is similar to previous template named Inventory Management Software for access database templates. Even through in the template you will see the title as 'Electronic Parts', it is not limited to electronic products only. There are lots of retail shop ideas, even the cosmetics online shop is retail too. You can customize the open source template to meet your business needs. The software is for retail store, where you become distributors in your business. Like the Inventory Management Software, retail shop software is divided into 4 menus.

This is master menu of billing software for retail shop. You can record your items here. Part ID is auto-generated primary key. Input the sale product name into Part Name field, then the product price in Unit Cost field. Adjusted Quantity field is shown the amount of product in the start of period.


Access Templates Parts Billing Software for Retail Shop


This Parts menu will be generated into Inventory Report in Reports menu from the retail store inventory software too. However, as you may notice, the quantities in both menu are different. This is because the quantity in report menu is the final amount of your products after the transactions between all suppliers and customers, while the adjusted is the leftover from previous period.

This is exactly same like Supplier menu from Inventory Management Software template. The second menu from the billing software for retail shop is purposed for recording the products that has been ordered to the suppliers. The header sub-form consists of auto-generated ID field, names, email, physical address, and phone information fields.


Access Templates Retail Store Inventory Software


The lower sub-form record your products order. First, select the Part drop-down menu, which is taken from previous menu. Then, fill the order quantity, dates, and the Order Status. Both of the cost fields are auto-generated. If the Order status is not delivered yet, the quantity won't be summed to Inventory Report.

The next billing software for retail shop menu is intended for record the customer data and their transactions. The header sub-form is exactly same like the header in Suppliers menu, so let's skip this part.


Access Templates Parts Inventory Software for Small Business


Select the sold products. Then, fill the transactions date and quantity sold. The rest of the fields are auto-generated. The Available Quantity show the number of products after all transactions, including the one that you just input. The amount will always same like in Inventory Report. You can use this menu as billing software for retail store.

The last menu of billing software for retail shop is the notorious report menu. There are 3 types of reports in this menu, which you can see all of them in previous pictures. All of the reports show the summarized records in all menu.

You can download the retail store software for free in It is not limited for electronic shop only; other type of shop is welcome as long as it is retail shop. Billing software for retail shop can be used for making invoice too, especially in Customer menu. The templates is always open source, but if you want to easily modify this template by using unlocked tables version, you can become members.

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