Bug Tracker System Using Microsoft Access Templates

This is bug tracker template. Access templates bug tracker can be used for entering the bugs records and can be used as test case. It can generate a report for testing log too. The bug tracker in MS Access can be used for software house company or internal IT division. The bug tracker Access database has these important menus:

Display the bugs records in table list. You cannot add, edit, or delete the records here, since it is for display purpose. On the header, there are several buttons that can be used to accessed other menus, except.
- Show/Hide Fields: dialog box to determine which fields to be displayed in this menu.
- Filter: to select or clear filter for displaying the records.
- Save Filter: menu to create your own filter. You can create your own filter by:
1. Click the Save Filter menu.
2. On dialog box, enter the Filter name and descriptions.
3. Click show details to expand.
4. Input the syntax of Sort and Filter String. Click Close


Bug Tracker Access Templates


If you want to add new bug records, click New Bug button or double click new empty field row.

Generate a pop up dialog box for storing the new bug records.


Bug Tracker in MS Access


The fields are:


Data Types

Summary/Bug Title




Lookup field, value can be changed by clicking the small icon below the drop down value option





Due Date


Opened By

Lookup field, taken from user menu.
Opened: user who report the bug.
Assigned: user who responsible in solve the bugs

Assigned To


Attachment field, upload the related files here

There is no Opened Date field because it is automatically generated when you create the Bug records.

Can be accessed by double clicking the existing records in Bug List menu. The Bug Details is the menu for bug tracker, whereas you enter the action on the created bugs. The Status box on the header only for displaying the status, you cannot click it.


Access Templates Bug Tracker


Most of the fields are automatically generated by the previous menu. You are able to change the value, but it may affect other menus. The fields that you should fill in this menu:


Data Types


Lookup field. You cannot change the existing value. Consist of: New, Active, Resolved, and Closed.


Lookup field, value can be changed. The field for determining the action towards the bug.
This field only can be accessed if the status field is Resolved.




Display the comment. Click Add Comments button for enter the comments.



Menu for recording the employees or staff regarding the bugs. All fields are in strings. This menu will be used for Login purpose. Only, you may set up password.


Bug Tracker Access Database


Menu for displaying the bug tracker chart. There are 3 types of charts:
- By User: displaying the chart based on Assigned user and the bugs Status
- By Category: Displaying the chart based on Category
- By Timeliness: Displaying the bugs chart by the time schedule.

Can be accessed by clicking the PRINT button in Bug List menu. The reports can be used for bugs tracking system project and may be served as testing log.


Bugs Tracking System Project


Display the bugs records in table list, with status Closed. Every bug records which status are Closed will automatically move from Bug List menu into this menu. You cannot add, edit, or delete the records here, since it is for display purpose.

Can be accessed by clicking the PRINT button in Closed Bug menu. Like Bug Reports, it can be used as bug tracker. This bug report access templates is open source. You can modify the or enhance its feature. You can integrate bug tracker with other templates, such as project timeline template. Bug tracker template can be downloaded for free at access-templates.com.

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