Car and Auto Repair Database on Microsoft Access Templates

The purpose of auto repair access template is to recording the transaction data of automotive repair service. By name, it is indeed for vehicle repair, but we sure that you are welcome to customize the template for another repair service like electronics repair. There are only two menus in this auto repair shop management access template, with one of them is Reports menu. However, there are several features in the main menu.

The first menu is divided into three parts. The first part, let's call it Search, because it is literally functioned for searching a customer record. There are 4 searching categories in the Search by drop-down menu. If you click it, you may notice a small icon to add the new option. We suggest not to do any change in the options, unless if you truly understand how to tweak, or have to fully customize this auto repair estimate access template.


Auto Repair Templates for Microsoft Access


After you select your desired option, input the keyword in field below the drop down menu, then hit the Search icon. The result will be showed in the big large box beside. If you hit Ok, you will automatically go to the selected record. Click reset before enter the new search keyword.

This is the explanation for the second and third part of this auto repair shop access template in mechanic garage. The first top sub-form is for recording the customer data. It always started with auto-generated ID, the contacts: name, phone, email, and physical address.


Vehicle Repair Templates for Access Database


The next and last part of this auto repair invoice access template is the detail of repair service given from you to your customer. It consists of auto-generated ID, the Description or title field, status field with 2 options (Completed and in progress), date the request taken and repair work started, as well the service cost. This form menu can be used in creating invoice too.

This is the second and last menu of this auto repair access template. This menu will preview and present the summarized, printable transaction records based on previous menu. The report is divided into two parts by the completion status. The amount in the report is the sub-total cost from every customer.


Auto Repair Shop Management Database for MS Access



You can download this auto repair access template for free. Don't let the template name limit the usefulness and benefit of this template. You can use it for another repair service (i.e. electronic repair service), or even another type of service (like consultation service). To do this, you may tweak the access template a little bit. It is possible to customize the auto repair access template, since most of the access templates are open source. In the first menu divided in 3 parts based on their functionalilty. On the header is to searching the desired records. The middle form is for adding the customer records. And lastly, the last sub-form is for adding and customize the transaction records. The summarized transaction will be available to print in Report menu. You can download the auto repair access template in

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