Database Activity Monitoring (DAM) Tools in Effective Way

Database activity monitoring or DAM is used to analyze and monitor the database activity by using database security technology. The database activity is operating the database management system. It does not rely on native logs like transaction and trace logs. It uses the DAMP (Database Activity Monitoring and Prevention). The DAMP is an extension to alerting and monitoring the blocked unauthorized activities. It helps the business regulatory compliance,
- Sarbanes-Oxley Act
- Health Insurance Probability and Accountability Act.
- U.S government Act
- Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard It is very important technology to securing the sensitive databases from the hackers. It can be achieved through a set of various methods such as memory scraping, network sniffing and database audit logs. The DAM using the monitoring tool to simplify the correlation and it used to provide the access to administrator. The administrator detects the attacks and provides the attack evidence. The DAM commonly used for monitors the all database activity and gives the reports and alerts to the administrator. It also monitoring the outside the database (, 2017).


Database Activity Monitoring


- DAM is used to detect and protect the database. It does not provide the Prevention.
- The DAMP provides the preventive measures and ability to copy the database.

Database Monitoring Methods
To implement a database activity monitoring by using the various types of monitoring methods. They are listed below.

- Proxy monitoring This method is used to detect the incoming and outgoing commands to the database. It performed by proxy.
- Agent based monitoring: This method is used to reporting and recording the database information on the database.
- Network monitoring: This method is used to detect the all SQL commands are used in the database.
- Remote monitoring: This method is used to creating the permission to database admin for monitoring.

Policy Suggestion The effective DAM is used to provide the insight depends on anomalies and use of patterns. Well experienced vendors having the insight into the best practices and it provide best combination of policies. It basically used to allow the organization to implement and create the new policies.


Effective Database Activity Monitoring Tools


Anomaly and Pattern Detection
If establishment of baseline policies is completed, the Database activity monitoring can be able to detect the anomalies. The anomalies are easily identified through reporting and alert tools. It does not require the review log files.

Multiple Database Management
The Database activity management provides the management over multiple databases and it used to allow organization to achieving the big picture view of the permissions. The multiple database is used to provide the high benefits for organization such as time savings and allows database system views in the organization.

Detection on Sensitive Data
Most of DAM tools are used to identify the sensitive data by scanning the databases. Many organizations have the various database programmers and various database, basically not sure to find the where the all sensitive data is stored. So here using the data detection tools scan every row and column on database and follows the data protection policies.

Tools for Alert and Reporting

Basically, the DAM solutions have the automatically analyzing the data and provides the reports and alerts. The reporting tools has some problems and it detected by using visual indicators. After the IT employees are focus on problem areas that requires the immediate attention. So, tackle this problems by using advanced reporting tools. Advanced reporting tools is used to allow administrator to make customized reports (SearchITChannel, 2017).

Monitoring on Database Activity
Commonly the database activity is not performed by individuals. So, it calls by other database and applications. But Database activity monitoring has the full monitoring of applications. The DAM activity monitoring is important to implement the database firewalls and database applications.

Roll Back
It database has the intentional damage; DAM solution provides the capabilities of Roll back. The Capabilities of roll back includes the separation of duties and it refers to gives the various levels of access permissions to various administrators. To manage administrators, the DAM solution provides the advanced and additional administration tools.

Remediation has the one or more issue and it is the most important things for database activity monitoring. It performed by outside of database activity monitoring solution. In market, the DAM does not provide the real-time database protections. So, set up database firewall and also includes the tools to reduce the remediation issues and provides the real-time prevention and intervention of threats.

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