Employee Training Management Software Database for Microsoft Access

This is another employee training template database with more features added. If some time ago we have provided a template for training course, this time we have training modules plan for you. You may ask what the differences between the mentioned templates. By the purpose, it is for managing and planning your employee training modules, while the other one is for managing the course. If you still confuse, here is brief explanation: module is a single component, could be a written document, video, audio, and many other media whilst course is a set or collection of modules that packed together with a single theme. Aside from the purpose, there's not much differences in the template. However, it is still worth to try as free training software.

Unlike the previous training management software, you can see that the interface is a little bit different. Yup, the color is green this time. There are also other differences, you can find course location and course duration (automatically calculated from start time-finish time). First menu is a master form to fill the detail of the module. Module ID is auto-generated field. Module Title is the name of the module. In Module Description, you may fill it or not since it is optional field. Validity is the duration of the employee training using the module in month.


Employee Training Database for Microsoft Access


Module Type is how the module will be taught in employee training. You can add another option by hitting the small icon like in the picture above. To show the icon, you have to click the drop down list. After you click the icon, a dialog window will popped out. Just input the new wished type before hitting the OK button. You can set the default value of the Module Type in the lower fields. The default value will be the first to show in the Module Type field. Location is where the employee training with module take place. It is an optional field like the Module Description field.

The second and middle menu in employee training tracking software. The header is for the employee detail consists of auto-generated Employee ID, the name, birthday, date hired, and email. The lower form is to fill the module training record, which you can use for setting the employee training plan. Module Description and Cost are taken from the previous menu. It is possible to change the Cost amount, however the cost is Training Modules will be changed too and the other records will be affected.


Employee Training Management Database for Microsoft Access


The Expiry Date come from the summary of the Date Taken with Validity in Training Modules menu. It is auto-generated, which value cannot be changed. You can add new option in Result field like Module Type field. The Location and Duration is auto-generated.

The last menu of this free training management software is the menu to preview the printable template for training report view.


Employee Training Management Software


This employee training tracking software is free to download. Its purpose is to managing the training using the module. After you input the module details, you will be able to input the training records based on employee. You may see the summary in the Report menu.