Features of MS Access

Microsoft Access is a program that is very useful for those who work with database. It is because this program can ease them related to database such as creating, editing, manipulating, etc. Besides that, Microsoft Access also has many features that you can use. So, you have to understand them one by one. From many features it offers, I will share the most important features of Microsoft Access that you will often use.


MS Access Table


Table is the main feature offered by Microsoft Access. It functions to save data. For example, you can save the data of the stored goods. If you do not make table, you cannot save data. If there is no saved data, the data will not be able to be processed.


Data Entry Features


The first feature offered by Microsoft Access is related to data entry. Rather than you enter data manually, you can enter data with Microsoft Access faster and more easily. There are many data entry features offered. For example, you can create table and select objects more easily. That is why it is considered as one of the most useful Microsoft Access features.


Import & Export


You can also import data from another source to the table you have created simply. Then, you can save it later. Besides that, you can also export data from Microsoft Access with various options of file format. So, you can choose the format that you want based on your desire.


MS Access Reports


Then, you can also make a report from the table that is selected or other sources of data with only one click. It is very simple and easy, is not it? You just need to use the icon of Report Wizard that is available in the toolbar.


MS Access Queries


Queries can be considered as a feature offered by Microsoft Access that functions to process data in the tables become understandable information. For example, you can classify the top seller by your customers. It can be based on one table, two tables, or more. With this feature, you can also show the certain data on a table. Besides, you can also show data from more than one table as long as the tables are related each other. Then, you can also operate calculation.


MS Access Forms


Forms also belong to one of the features of MS Access. It functions to represent to the user or receive input data from the user in the table or query in form of buttons, grids, etc. From in this program is usually used if you work in master detail transaction.


Access Templates


You can also use Template feature. This feature is very useful to enhance the look. It also adds the experience in using this program. You can use the templates that are available in this Microsoft Access or you can also download other templates. Those are some of the features that you can find when you use Microsoft Access. There are also some other features. The newer version it is, the more complete the features will be. Hopefully, those features of Microsoft Access can make you interested in this program.

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