Hotel Management Software System for Microsoft Access Templates

Hotel Management Software System for Microsoft Access Templates - Today we'll guide you to use the hotel management software in microsoft access. If you run the small hotel, you should check and try this software. The hotel management software features is to record the customer and managing the rooms for reservation. You can download hotel management software for free. There are 3 menus in this hotel management system software. It is consists of Clients, Room Types, and Reports. It be best to visit the Room Types first since that is the master menu.


The first menu of this hotel property management software is purposed to managing the clients and their room reservation. It is separated into two form: the header for customer to add and record clients detail and data. You have to fill the name, email, address, and phone number. The ID is auto-generated.


Hotel Management Software


The second sub-form is for storing the customer reservation. Check in Date is the date customer started to stay in the booked room, while Check out Date is the date customer leave. Occupants is the amount of people rented the room. The Amount Paid is the total payment from the customer. Due to disability to choose the room type and considering that service tips and other paid facilities, you have to input the Amount Paid field manually.



The only master menu in this best hotel management software. This is the menu where you manage the data of rooms served by your hotel. Room Number is the primary key and it is not auto-generated. Room Type is the category of your hotel room. There are only 4 options at the moment, however please note that the hotel management software is open source. You may customize the Room Type or other fields, menu, and even the report view. Lastly, Room Rate is the charge of the hotel room based on the category.


Hotel Reservations Software



Reports is the last menu on this templates. In this hotel management software, you have to set the Reference Date of your report before you hit the preview button. Reference Date is the date of room availability report that you want to see. In the printable template, you can see the amount of the booked and available rooms based on the Room Type. The reservation income for a day is presented sorted by the Room Type too.


Hotel Management System Software



Aside of hotel, this hotel reservations software can be used for renting house business, or small apartment business. To getting started, first go to Room Types menu. Add the hotel room into your record. Then, go to Clients menu to input the record of the room occupant. This is include the occupant detail, contacts, and their payment. You can see the summarized of room availability and reservation income in the Reports menu. This hotel management system software is open source and you are welcomed to customize the template. And if you more creative, you probably able to customize this template into not only hotel reservation, like car rental service or any other rent service. Lastly, you can download this hotel management software in for free.

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