How to Use Microsoft Access 2007

If you often use database on your computer, Microsoft Access will be very useful. This software or program comes in various versions. If you want to use the easiest version, I suggest you to use 2007 version. It is featured with many improvements that can speed up the process. Anyway, you can read this brief microsoft access tutorial about how to use Microsoft Access 2007. For the using guides, you need to pay attention to the tips below.


How to Create a Database Using a Template


If you want to know how to operate Microsoft Access 2007, it is a good idea to start from creating a database using a template. Firstly, you have to open it. After that, you should click “Microsoft Office” icon and then “Close Database”. You can see many templates available. You can choose one of the templates based on your desire then click it. The next step is to name it in the File Name box. Next, you need to click “Create”. Now you can begin adding data.


How to Download a Template


If there is no template that you like, you can download more templates from Microsoft Office Online. After you start Microsoft Access, click the button of Microsoft Office and choose “Close Database”. After that, click “Templates” option. Then, find & download your desired templates using the search tools. After the download process is done completely, the new database will be stored in a folder you want whether it is in C: \Users\user name\Documents or C: \Documents and Settings\user name\My Documents. Later, you can open it using Windows Explore or Access. It is easy, is not it?.


How to Create a Blank Database


If you want to know how to use Microsoft Access 2007 program, it is easy to do. There are only a few steps to follow. Firstly, you just need to start it. After that, click “Blank Database”. Now, you can set the default location. However, you can also rename the file first. The next step is to click “Create” and lastly position the cursor in the column of “Add New Field”.


How to Paste Data from Other Sources into the Access Table


In Microsoft Access 2007, you can copy and paste data directly into the empty column available from other sources. If it assigns the names of generic files, you need to rename the fields soon. It is easy to rename it. Firstly, you have to save the table by clicking “Microsoft Office” button and “Save” or you can also press “CTRL + S”. Secondly, you should double click every column heading in Datasheet view and type a valid field name for every column. It looks like you type over data but the row contains names of field, not data. Now save it again.


How to Import Data from Other Sources


You can also import data from other sources. It depends on the source. There are some steps to follow. Firstly, on the tab of “external Data, in the group of “Import”, you must click Excel if you want to import data from Excel. In the dialog box of “Get External Data” click “Browse”. Then, click the choice that you like under “Specify how and where you want to store the data in the current database. Click “OK”, follow instructions, and finish it. That is all how to use Microsoft 2007.


After you know How to Use Microsoft Access 2007, you can browse our Access 2007 database and templates to get started creating your own database.

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