How to Use Microsoft Access 2010

As we know, Microsoft Access is a program or software that is very useful to make a database. Compared to 2007 versions, it offers many improvements. So, there are some features that will make this program more usable. Of course, it becomes good news for those who often use database. So, it is very important to know how to use Microsoft Access 2010. There are many things that you need to understand.


Getting Started


If you want to know about Microsoft Access 2010 tutorials, you have to start it from the easiest first. For example, you have to know how to get started. You just need to open this program and then click “New” on “File” menu. There you can choose either “Blank database” or other database forms. After that, you can name it based on your desire. Then, click “Create”. It is easy, right?


Making a Table


If you want to make a table, you should navigate to the tab of “Create”. After that, add a table by clicking “Table”. Then, right click “Table1” and then choose “Design View”. You can also try to click a small button. Now, you can name the table based on your desire. Click “OK” if you have named it. You can also name table columns in “Design View” and then apply constraints based on your desire from “Field Properties”. It belongs to the tips how to use Microsoft Access 2010.


Filling Tables


After you know how to create a table, now you also need to know how to fill the table. It becomes one of the Microsoft Access 2010 tips that you need to understand. If you want to fill the tables, you have to switch to “Table View”. You just need to click the small button that is located on the window right bottom. After clicking it, you can see the columns that are created in the design view and the constraints that are applied. It is easy to fill data to the tables, is not it?


You can also do other activities using this Microsoft Access 2010. The steps are similar to the 2007 version. So, if you have had it before, of course you will understand how to do it. For example, you can try copying and pasting data from other sources into the tables. Besides that, you can also consider importing data from the sources you want. Anyway, you can also learn it by your own because it is easy to understand.
That is all the tutorials and tips how to use Microsoft Access 2010 that you have to know. If you can master it, it will be very helpful for your database activities. For example, it can help data entry activities, or other needs. Hopefully this tutorial will be a useful reference. So, it is your turn to practice the tutorials above. Even though it is not the latest version of Microsoft Access, this version is very useful and satisfying enough.


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