How to Use Microsoft Access 2013

If you often use database in your computer, you should have a software or program that can help your activity. In this case, what you need is Microsoft Access. Microsoft Access comes in various versions. You have to choose which version that you want to use. In this article, I suggest you to use the 2013 version. It has some new features compared to 2010 version. So, it will be a good idea for you to know how to use Microsoft Access 2013.


Understanding Access Database


Firstly, you need to know how to create a database using Microsoft Access 2013. However, you have to understand the access database first. There are 6 database objects that you need to know. The first is table where you can make it as many as you want. The second is queries where it allows you to perform on the table quickly. The third is form that eases you to change the information in the table. The forth is report that helps you to print information in the table. The fifth is Macros that automates custom tasks. The last is module that contains Visual Basic code.


Starting Database


You also need to know how to start database. If you want to make a new blank database, there are some steps to follow. Firstly, you have to start Microsoft Access 2013 first. After it is open, you should click “Blank desktop database”. Now, you can make a name for the database you have just created. You can use the name based on your desire. Then, store it in a folder that you want. You can choose it freely. Lastly, under the box of “File Name”, click the big button of “Create”. It belongs to the tips how to use Microsoft Access 2013.


Creating the First Table


Now, it is time to understand how to create a table using Microsoft Access 2013. For the first table, firstly, you need to define the first table. Secondly, you should type the first information in the column available. Thirdly, you must press “Tab” and return to the second step. After that, fix the name of the column based on your desire. Then, create a new name and press “Enter”. The next step is to save it by pressing “Ctrl + S” or save it manually. Lastly, click “OK”.


Editing the Table


Sometimes, you also need to edit the table. So, you must know how to edit it. Editing table include 3 basic tasks. The first is to edit a record. Besides that, you can also insert a new record. The last one is to delete a record. You can do what you need.


That is all how to use Microsoft Access 2013. If you follow all the tutorials above rightly, you can do other actions easily using this Microsoft Access. For example, you can edit the mode, cut, copy, & paste, save database, create backups, etc. Hopefully this microsoft access tutorial will be a useful reference for you all.


After you know How to Use Microsoft Access 2013, you can browse our Access 2013 database and templates to get started creating your own database.

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