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  • How to Use Microsoft Access

    Microsoft Access is a program or software of database creation that allows everyone to maintain a database easily. Maintaining a database includes to edit it. Of course, it is very useful. For example, it is very appropriate for you for small to big projects or business. Besides that, it is also a visual program. It is also good for data entry so that you do not need to work with spreadsheets and tables. Therefore, it is very important to know how to use Microsoft Access.

    Making a New Database

    Firstly, you need to know how to create a new database. To make it, you have to open this software. After that, click “File” and then select “New”. There are some options that you can choose. The first is “A blank database”. It is a standard database and good for local use with one table as well. The second option is “Web databases”. It is good for web publishing tools. The third one is “Templates”. It is a pre-built database for wide range uses. Now you can name it based on your desire.


    Adding Your Data to the Database

    The second tip how to operate Microsoft Access is to add your data to the database you have just made. The first step is to decide the best data structure. There are some ways that you can make including tables, forms, reports, and queries. After that, you need to make the first table. If you create a blank database, you will begin it with a black table. Now, you can import data from the sources. Just click “External data”, select the file type, navigate to the data location, choose “Specify how and where you want to store the data in the current database, and lastly click “OK”. If it is needed, you can also add another table.


    Setting the Table Relationship

    Next, you also need to know how to use Microsoft Access program to set the table relationship. Firstly, you have to know how the keys work because different tables will have different primary keys. Secondly, you should click “Database Tools” and then choose “Relationships”. Thirdly, drag the field that you make for the foreign key.


    Creating Queries


    You also need to know how to create Queries. You have to understand the role first because there Query Wizard and Query Design. There are also some types that you should choose. If you want to make a basic Select Query, you should use “Query Wizard. You can make a Select Query with Criteria or Parameters. Besides, you can also create a Make Table Query or an Append Query based on your desire.


    Making & Using Forms


    It is also very important to know how to make and use forms. Firstly, select “Table” and choose “Create”. Then, click “Property Sheet” and use the table by clicking the database button. The next step is to click “Add Existing Fields” and then “Add Record” and “Save”. That is all how to use Microsoft Access generally. It is easy, right?

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Which Microsoft Access software version work with this database?

    This database template will work optimally on MS access software version 2016 and the latest 2019 version. You can use the older version but it may caused bug or error.

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