Inventory Management System for Small Business in Access Database Templates

Inventory database management system for small business template is perfect for you who run or work in manufacturer and retail business or anyone who find trouble in managing goods or inventory. This access template is a free inventory management tool. It is perfect for small business company and retail business. In this sales and inventory management system, there are 4 menus: 'Products', 'Suppliers', 'Customer', and 'Reports':

Like its name, this is master form to add or edit our products. The Product ID represent the primary key that auto-generated. The other columns are Product Name, Unit Cost per price, and Adjusted Quantity. Looking at the picture below, you may ask why the quantities in form and in reports are different. This is because in the form, it is Adjusted Quantity, the number of products that you (or company) have at the start of period. The one in the report is the final amount of your products after the transactions between all suppliers and customers. This report is really supporting as warehouse inventory management software.


inventory management system for small business


This form of stock management in microsoft access is for recording the goods that has been ordered to the suppliers. The header form consists the detail of the supplier contact: the name, email, address, and phone. The lower part is the detail of your product order which taken from 'Product' master. It is impossible to order the goods that not in the product list.


inventory management software in access templates


After selecting the product, you can input the quantity you bought, date the products expected to come, the actual date they delivered, and selecting the status whether they still in shipping or has been delivered.

As one of inventory management software in access, this template includes the products sold to the customers. The header almost exactly like in 'Supplier' menu, except this is for customer. The most notable differences is in sales detail. After you select the products, fill the transactions date and quantity sold, you will see the rest of the fields are auto-generated. It is possible to change Unit Cost in this form, however please remember that by doing so, you have changed the rest product's price in Product menu too as well changing all the transactions recorded in this inventory management for small business.


warehouse inventory management software


The Total Cost following the multiplication of Quantity Sold and Unit Cost. Meanwhile, the Available Quantity show the number of products after all transactions, including the one that you just input. The amount will always same like in Product Inventory Report.

This free inventory management software provides the report view of each form, which is printable and can be exported into another file types. The preview of the reports can be seen on previous pictures.


sales and inventory management system


You can download the inventory management software full version for free at Targeting on small business and retail companies, it is easy to use and convenient enough to keep your transaction records.

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