Medical Laboratory Test Management Database for Microsoft Access

If you work in laboratory or run a small medical laboratory, this medical laboratory software for microsoft access is useful for your business activities. The access template will help you in managing your patients and their health data. The patient management system definition is used for acquiring medical information and sometimes regulated as medical device too.

This is the first menu of microsoft access test lab management software. The first field is ID field, and followed by name, birthday, email, phone and address. The last one is the medical clinic payment method used by the patient. Currently, there are 3 payment methods, which can be added and edited by clicking the small square icon below the drop-down menu.


test lab management software


The second menu on this access template is a master ID for recording the laboratory test. Please note that you have to input and record all the test result as well as disease in this menu. It consists of 3 simple fields: ID, The title, and optional Summary field.


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The third menu is the transaction menu for input and record the patients and their illness. The menu consists of 3 sub-form. The main purpose of the feature is for patient record management system. The header is patient data management system, where you add the patient based on the Patient menu. The ID is auto-generated, as well the name. Be careful to edit the name since it will change the name in Patients menu too. The second sub-form is for recording the patient sample. It consists of auto-generated sample ID, patient ID that is taken from the menu header and Patient menu, and lastly the date when the sample was taken and tested.


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The last sub-form of this medical laboratory software is for input and record the determined illness or disease based on the sample and the test result. The Test ID field is the name of the illness or disease, which is taken from Lab Tests menu. Sample ID is auto-generated. Date of Analysis is the date when the sample result is determined. Performed by is people who responsible for taking and analyze the sample as well determine the result. Notes is an optional comment field. As you can see the last 6 fields is named parameter. We know that in medical records, sometimes there are another additional information that need to be included in the medical reports, for example is the leukocyte amount in blood test. The 6 fields are meant for that additional information. Remember, the patient management software is open source. You have to customize the parameters and adjust them to comply with your own report needs and requirements.

The last menu is for presenting the summarized patient reports, including the patient records, disease list, and the patient health result.

You can download this template for free at There are 3 main featured menu and a report menu. The featured menu is: for recording the patient's data, input the disease/illness list, and lastly to record the test result based on sample taken from patients and this microsoft access template can be customized easily to meet your medical laboratory needs.