Microsoft Access Database Engine 2013

Microsoft Access functions to work with database. One of the most complete versions is access 2013 version. It is only less complete than the lasts version, access 2016 version. So, it is important to discuss about its database engine. Talking about Microsoft Access database engine 2013, there are many things need to discuss. For more detail, you should pay attention to this article wholly.


The Appropriate Engine and System


Microsoft Access 2013 database engine is appropriate for new Windows. So, you have to update your Windows first so that it will work well wholly. You can also use Windows with either 32 bit or 64 bit. Both can function well. It may be free or not depending on the version you choose. If you want the full version, it is not free.


What Makes Microsoft Access Database Engine 2013 Interesting
There are many updates that make this Microsoft Access interesting. I will give some reasons. You can pay attention to the following factors:


1. ACE Engine


Microsoft Access 2013 has its own engine. Originally, the database engine is called as JET. However, now it is named ACE. So, you have to thank to this.


2 Regular Access Use


This Microsoft Access version is featured with Web tech. It is a good addition for database. However, you can still use the regular access comfortably and easily such as for reporting or other enhancements.


3. Various Tools


With Microsoft Access 2013, you cannot only use Access, but you can also use Excel, SQL Server Reporting Service, and other tools that can support to SQL server or SQL Azure. So, you can use the tools that you need. Mostly, people use Excel.


4. New Programming Models


Microsoft Access comes with new programming models. So, you do not need to design forms. Therefore, you can only focus firstly on normalization. With simple design, it gives consistency, and intuitive interface.


5. Built in Searching & Filtering


One of the most interesting features applied on Microsoft Access 2013 are built in searching & filtering. You do not need to get code because it is built for free automatically.


6. Built in Navigation


Besides built in searching & filtering, it is also featured with built in navigation. This feature allows you to focus on the process of business than the mechanism.


7. Improved Lookup Interface


With updated Microsoft Access Engine 2013, it comes with enhanced lookup interface. It functions to make this easy to build foreign key.


8. Adjustable Navigation Bar (Action Bar)


Adjustable navigation bar is also applied on this Microsoft Access. Now, it is called as Action Bar. Of course, it is very useful and you can adjust the navigation well.


9. Updated Popup Properties Window


It also comes with new popup properties window. So, you can pop it when needed only. It makes many people love it.


That is all about Microsoft Access database engine 2013. Now, you know the engine and appropriate system used. You also know many interesting features applied. Hopefully this will be a useful reference for you who want to use Microsoft Access 2013.

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