Microsoft Access 2013 Runtime

Microsoft Access is very needed for you who work with database. However, if you want to get it, it is not free. If you want the free option, you can consider Microsoft Access Runtime because it is not the full version. Like the standard Microsoft Access, Access Runtime also comes with various versions. One of them is access 2013 version. Microsoft Access 2013 Runtime can be considered as one of the most favorite options. So, it is interesting to know how to install it. Here are the tutorials that you have to follow.


1. Go to the Microsoft Access Official Download Page


Firstly, you have to visit the download page of Microsoft Access Runtime 2013 on microsoft website. This download page can be found easily, here's the link to download microsoft access 2013 runtime. After finding it, click “Download”. Once you click this button, it will start downloading.


2. Select the File Name


After the downloading process is finished, you have to install it now. Usually, it will start installing directly after the downloading is completed. Before the installation process is started, you have to choose “AccessRuntime_x86_en-us.exe” whatever the Windows version you use.


3. Save & Run


Now, you have to save it. You just need to click “Save” button. After that, you can run the installation by clicking “Run” button. Now, the installation process is started. You have to make sure that the installation process is completed.


4. Install “Object Error Microsoft Fix”


The final step is to install “Object Error Microsoft Fix”. If you do not install it, CMS will not start. For your information, Access 2016 and 2013 come with CMS feature. So, you have to be able to use this feature by doing this final step. To install it, you just need to follow the instructions rightly until finished.


How to Solve Error on Start


If CMS cannot start, you have to close it first. You also have to close all Microsoft Office programs including Outlook, Excel, Word, etc. Then, you should do the following instructions below:


a. Install CMS Version 16.4.19 or Newer


The first step is to install new version of CMS. The version should be 16.4.19 version or the later options. You have to download and then install it completely.


b. Locate RegMscomcti


The second step is to locate RegMscomcti. This file should be located in C: \Chabad Management System folder. This is the second step to solve error on CMS start after installing Microsoft Access 2013 Runtime version.


c. Finish It


To finish this process, you just need to right click on RegMscomcti file. After that, click “Run as administrator” option. Wait for it until it is done.
That is all the tutorials that you have to follow in installing Microsoft Access 2013 Runtime. If CMS is still error, it may be caused by other factors. For example, your Windows is not up to date. So, you have to update it first and restart your computer. After everything is fixed, now you can use Access Runtime 2013 well.

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