Microsoft Access 2013 Web Applications and Examples ✅ - June 2022

Microsoft Access 2013 Web Applications and Examples

An access app is one of the traditional database which is used in the standard web browser, but which you design as well as the modification in later. The data and DB objects are saved as tuples in SQL Server, so user can able to share the information within the user organization using the on-premises SharePoint 2013. User can create an application either from a template or any scratch. In order to create a custom application, the following steps are involved (, 2017):
- Firstly, open Access 2013 and then click the custom web app.


access 2013 web app tutorial


- Enter an App Name and the Web Location for your application, and click the create tab.


access 2013 web app


- Add database tables in your app. So that, you can either add the predefined tables that tables look like a template, which in some other cases also include the Ready-Made related tables, or just you can also start with the blank tables in the window (app. et al., 2017).


ms access web app examples


To include the template table, go to the search box, and then type in what kind of information you will be storing? Like some tasks or the people. And click the search button after that choose an appropriate table from the provided list. To include the blank table, click add new blank table. Then you can also see this newly added table in the left side pane.

Configure SharePoint 2013 for Access Services
- Whenever you have to configure SharePoint 2013 for the SharePoint apps, following steps are involved in order to Configure Access Services
- First step you need to enable the following needed services that is, secure store service, Access services, Access services 2010, App management service, and Microsoft SharePoint foundation subscription settings service.
- Second step is you have to generate a security key for the purpose of Secure Store Service.
- Third step is to create a site collection.
- Finally, Set permissions on the site.
- When the user completes the all the above steps, and then user should be ready in the process of creating a new access custom web app, from the office 2013 client. Working with views

Creating an access web application is very identical to creating a desktop app. then you have to create a table first, and access 2013 will automatically generate a datasheet as well as list view for your new table. Depending up on the type of table template so you need to select. You can also see the summary view, which collection of items by a specific area. As well as you can include a view by clicking the plus sign in the window.

To modify the design of a view by using an opened access app:


access 2013 web application


First you need to choose a table and then select a view. Finally click the settings button. Then you can able to edit the design view.

Advantages of Access 2013 Web Application:
- Directly build web application in Access 2013
- It supports the multiple levels of relational data.
- It does not require the coding.
- It uses SQL server 2012 and it provides the scalability of data access and storage.
- It gives the security depends on Share Point groups.
- Easily determine who has use access web application by using member groups and Share Point visitors.
- The Microsoft provides the templates for data tables.
- Creation of access web application has the high speed and it offered by Microsoft.
- Easy to use by using designer tools.

Disadvantages of Access 2013 Web Application:
- The Access web application cannot trigger the stored records.
- It does not support the share point form creation that includes significant business processes.
- It provides the limited security because it has the basic security setup (, 2017).
- It does not allow the data separation.
- It does not give the permissions to edit the specific data in the web application.
- It does not support complex business processes because it provides limited security.
- If user creating the simple web applications in Access 2013, it gives some issues like crashed and lost some data.
- It has own database but it does not provide a front end to a centralized database.

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