Microsoft Access Desktop Contact Management Database Templates

Microsoft Access Desktop Contact Management Database Templates - The access template is purposed on desktop contact management. It can be used for storing personal and business contacts. It is compatible with other Access version, such as Access 2016 contact management database template. The version used in this tutorial is Access 2013 contact management database templates.

When you open the template for very first time, a save dialog box will appear to save the desktop personal contact manager in .accdb. Locate the saving destination and click save. Wait until the template deployed. A Getting Started window will appear. Close or look at the links for helps.


Desktop Contact Management 1


The desktop contact management template consists of these menus:

Contact Details
Menu to records the contacts in more detailed fields. On the header, there are these buttons:
- Go to: search box. Use this to open other contact records.
- Save and New: Save the current record and generate new blank form. Use this to add new records.
- Save and Close: Save the current record and close the form menu.
- E-mail: export the records into files for email purpose.
- Save As Outlook Contact: export the records into outlook contacts.


Desktop Contact Management 2


The fields are:
First & Last Name: string
Company: lookup field. Currently there is no records to select yet, so you can enter your own value in the field. The entered value will be stored in the lookup field, and can be used for new records.
Job Title: lookup field. Like Company field, there is no records yet, which can be entered, stored, and used for new records
Phone Numbers fields: all these fields are in strings rather than numeric. You can change the data types in Contact tables, as well add the validations.
Click to Map: button for connecting and displaying the address location in Bing map.
Street: string. Enter the details street address, along with tower name or floor level.
City, State/Province, Country/Region: in string.
Zip/Postal Code: string, can be changed into numeric in Contact tables.
Category: lookup value. Currently there are 3 values: Family, Personal, Business. You can add new value by click the Edit icon, which will appear below the drop down menu.
Email: string. You can set up the validations for email format on Contact tables.
Web Page: hyperlink field.
Note: string, long text.
Picture: attachment field.


Desktop Contact Management 3


To set up on the employee photos:
1. Double click the photo box or click the attachment icon (which will appear after you click the photo box once)
2. Attachment dialog box will appear. Click Add.
3. Navigate to the photo location. Select the new photo, click OK. You can add more than one pictures.
4. Click Remove and Open button to manage the pictures.
5. If you want to switch photo, just click the navigation arrows besides the attachment icon.

Contact List
Menu for displaying the contact records in list, good for quick edit or add new records. The header buttons are:


Desktop Contact Management 4


- New Contact: to add new record
- Add From Outlook: import contacts from outlook
- Create Mailing Labels: create labels that can be used for Mailing List.
- Show/Hide Fields: determine which fields to be displayed on list.
- Quick Search: Search box. Enter the keyword and click Go to search the records containing the values
- Show All Records: Return or displaying back all of the records after displaying the records from quick search.

Contact Directory Report
Report for displaying the contact records from desktop contact management, in full details along with the company and address. It can be used as contacts books and printable.


Desktop Contact Management 5


Contact Phone Book Report
Report for displaying the phone records from the desktop contact management. Can be printed for phone books.


Desktop Contact Management 6


Aside 2013 and 2016 version, there is Access 2007 contact management database template, but no 2003 version because the template in .accdb. The Microsoft Access contact database templates is open source. You can integrate it with other applications or templates. You can modify desktop contact management. The desktop contact management can be downloaded at for free.

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