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    Microsoft Access Runtime

    People may not be unfamiliar with Microsoft Access. It is a database program or software is has many benefits. It comes in different versions. Based on the type, it is divided into 2. There are many people who use the standard Microsoft Access. However, there is also what is called Microsoft Access Runtime. That is what we will discuss in this microsoft access tutorial article.


    What Is Microsoft Access Runtime?


    Starts from the definition, this program is similar to a database viewer such as Adobe Acrobat Reader. In this case, Access Runtime functions to view a database. You can use the Reports and Forms that you have created. It will also run VBA code, macros, and queries. You can input data, too. In addition, you can also create database & design objects if you use the full version of Microsoft Office Access Runtime.


    Who Is Appropriate to Use Microsoft Access Runtime?


    This version of Microsoft Access is appropriate for many people. For example, it is useful for data entry users. However, it is not recommended for you who work as power users because it does not come with advanced features such as Filter by form. Actually, you can still use it as long as you do no need to use the advanced features. If you want the advanced features, you have to pay the full version and it is not free.


    How to Get Microsoft Access Runtime


    You can get this version of Microsoft Access for free with Developer extensions. So, everyone can get this program easily. Because of that, I suggest you all who work with database to obtain this version of Microsoft Access now.


    Where to Install Microsoft Access Runtime


    If you want to install this Microsoft Access, you have to make sure that your computer is not used to install any full version of Microsoft Access. So, I suggest you to use another computer. However, if the Microsoft Access installed is not the full version, it does not matter and will not cause any problem.


    Where Is Installed Microsoft Access Runtime Located?


    After you install Microsoft Access Runtime program completely, you will usually be confused that you cannot find this Access. You have to know that it is not the full version. So, you can only use it for existing database. If you want to find database file, you can use Windows explore, for example. Just double click on it and open it in Microsoft Access. To ease you to run this program, you can create the shortcut and place it on your computer desktop.


    How to Setup a Machine with Microsoft Access Runtime


    You can install this program from Microsoft for free. Copy the front end database to the machine. If it is needed, you can also copy the back end database. You do not need to make an installed package. It is like where you will install the full version of Microsoft Access. That is all about Microsoft Access Runtime that you have to know. If you understand about the tips above, you can also try other uses easily. Hopefully this will be a useful reference for you who are interested in Microsoft Access.

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