How to do MS Access Export to Excel Spreadsheet

Ms Access Export to Excel is one of the most important tasks that you should know when you work in an office. There are so many types of software and applications that you can use these days. Some of these applications might be used when you work in your office. One of the most common types of software for office works is Microsoft Access. Besides Microsoft Access, other common software that is used for office work is Microsoft Excel. Sometimes you need to export multiple tables from access to excel and use both of these applications together in your job. The problem is that some people might not know how to perform this particular task.


Basically, Microsoft Access and Microsoft Excel are two types of software with different function and characteristics. However, sometimes you need to use both of them together and export data from one application to another. If you want to access export to excel vba, the first thing that you should know is what formula that you should use to perform this task. If you don't know how to export data from Microsoft Access to Microsoft Excel, you can search for tutorial about this task on the internet. These days, there are many websites that provide tutorial about access export to excel macro that you can use as your guide to perform this task.


To export data from Microsoft Access to Microsoft Excel, there are several options that you can choose:


  • The first one is by copying data items that want to be exported from Microsoft Access database and then paste the data items into Microsoft Excel worksheet. This is considered as the easiest way to export access report to excel since you don't need special command or formula to execute the task. Besides copying the data items directly, other way that you can do to Ms Access Export to Excel is by connecting the Microsoft Access database from Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. This option is very suitable if you want to know about how to export data from access to excel more than 65000 rows since if you connect the database of Microsoft Access directly from Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, you will be able to export data in huge amount instantly.

  • The last option about exporting data from Microsoft Access to Microsoft Excel is by exporting the data contents from Microsoft Access directly into Microsoft Excel worksheet. To do this, you can use export access query to excel vba menu that is already available on Microsoft Access. On Top Menu of Ms Access 2016, Click "External Data". Choose Excel Icon with Down Arrow. Complete the export wizard. You can do exporting data with formatting and layout. This option might is not difficult since there's ms access export wizard that you can follow step by step, this may suitable especially for those of you who use Microsoft Access for the first time. However, this option is more effective than the previous options since the operation is performed automatically. The supported ms excel file format using this ms access export wizard are Excel Binary Workbook (*.xlsb), Excel Workbook (*.xlsx), Microsoft Excel 5.0 / 95 Workbook (*.xls) and Excel 97 - Excel 2003 Workbook (*.xls).

    MS Access Export to Excel


    If you still confuse and don't know how to perform ms access transfer spreadsheet, you can open Help menu that is available both in Microsoft Access and Microsoft Excel. On Help menu, you can type "export data from MS Access to MS Excel" on the search tool and the tool will give you the solution to this situation. By using Help menu, you will be able to perform Ms Access Export to Excel.


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