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    MS Access Forms

    There are many programs that can help you to work with database. One of the most popular programs used by most people is Microsoft Access with the latest version name access 2016. It is one of the programs from Microsoft Office. Of course, you know the benefits of MS Access. It has many features that are very useful. One of the most used features is form. Therefore, it is interesting to discuss about MS Access forms.


    What is MS Access Form?


    Form is one of the features that you can use in Microsoft Access. It functions to manage the input data view so that it becomes much more interesting rather than as a standard table. So, you can create “form” as interesting as possible. Besides more interesting, it will also be much easier to use and can protect your data. Form uses programming language so that it is mostly used by the advanced users. That is the definition of Microsoft Access forms.


    How to Create a Microsoft Access Form


    To create a form in Microsoft Access, you just need to follow some steps. Firstly, you have to click “Create” tab. After that, you should choose “Form”. It is easy, is not it? After creating a form, you can save it. You just need to click “Save” and “OK”. The form is saved now.


    How to Create a Microsoft Access Split Form


    Besides creating a form, you can also split form. Similar to the first step how to create a form, there is “Split Form” near the “Form’ option. Just click it and set the required data. It is simple, is not it?


    How to Create a Microsoft Access Multiple Items Form


    Then, you can also try creating Multiple Items. This option is located near “Split Items”. Just click on “Multiple Items” option and then create the table based on your desire. You have to know that “Forms” have 3 views. They are “Form View, “Design View”, and Layout View”. You can change it. Just open “Form” and activate “Format”. After that, click the arrow under “View”. Lastly, click your desired view.


    How to Modify a Microsoft Access Form


    You can also modify Microsoft Office Access Forms in different options. For example, if you want to change the field size by clicking a field side and then drag it to change the field width. After that, click the bottom or top of the field and then drag it to change the field height. If you want to move a datasheet, you just need to click “datasheet” and the select it. After that, click & drag the 4-sided arrow in the corner in upper right to move the datasheet. You can also resize the datasheet, you need to click and select “datasheet. Then, click a datasheet side & drag it to change its width. Last, click the datasheet top / bottom then drag it to change its height.


    That is all the tips that you have to understand about MS Access Forms. Actually, there are many other actions that you can use with Forms. Hopefully this will be a useful reference especially for advanced users.

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