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    MS Access SQL Introduction and Statement

    For programmer, it is important to know some computer language, which can be called as Structured Query Language or SQL. People need to know that SQL is one of the computer language that will clearly assemble English that the program of the database understand the order. As I have said before, reading and knowing about SQL is important because in all kind of query of Microsoft Access, we will need SQL. Of course, knowing about SQL will make we are able to create some greater queries. Besides, it is also easy for people to fix any kind of query when it doesn’t show the result, as you want.


    Reading a brief of SQL


    What is SQL? A basic questing comes from common people. We already know before that SQL is a computer langue. Here, SQL works for kinds of sets of fact and some relationships between them. As the other kind of the computer language, SQL is an international standard. A computer language is shaped with an ISO and an ANSI file type.


    People use SQL when they want to describe kinds of data to answer some questions. Something that should be underlined is when you are using SQL, you need to use the appropriate syntax. We know that syntax is set of rules combining correctly in some combinations. The syntax inside SQL is based on syntax of English syntax version and it is also combined with some syntax elements from VBA or Visual Basic for Application.
    .Here We have a simple example for you about the SQL. This simple example is used to show the last name from contact whose the first name is Alex. Here the syntax of the SQL:


    SELECT Last_Name
    FROM Contacts
    WHERE First_Name = ‘Alex’;


    Select statement


    After knowing a brief about the description and introduction of SQL, here we will share the selected statement of SQL. It is also an important thing inside the ms access SQL. The selected statement of the function of MS access SQL contains a whole description from the set of data, which you want to obtain it from the whole database. At least, there are five statements, which you need to know about it. The detail statement is as follows:


    • the name of table that contain the data
    • the level of difference between the data in some sources
    • the name or position of fields and calculation that produce the kind of data
    • name of criteria that should be matched with the data
    • the detail sort of the result after the process


    SQL clauses


    Now, we will talk about some SQL clauses below. The clauses will perform the function as it is needed in SQL statement. In short, clause of MS access SQL is the part of the statement. Here we have several kinds of it below.


    • select    : is the clause that content the detail data of interest level
    • from      : is the clause that has the list of field in select clause
    • where   : is the clause that show the specific criteria dividing by record in a result


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