Microsoft Access Templates for Small Business Accounting Software

Microsoft Access Templates for Small Business Accounting Software - You may understand and good with accountancy but you need more knowledge of microsoft access if you want to apply it in access database templates. However, maybe you need help in keeping the transaction and accounting records. This access template is dedicated as small business accounting software. It will present you a simple report for your cash flow. And remember, it is always free to download this small business accounting software.

Accounts in Small Business Accounting

If you familiar with accounting, you must realize how many accounts in accounting. This free personal accounting software for small business has provide you with the necessary, most used accounts in accounting. To make it simple, this menu is for set the accounts that you will use for your transactions record and accounting report. If you scroll down enough, you will realize there are 3 Line Items in this accounting software for small business. The Bottom Line is for the name of your account, what is the account about. The Middle Line is the sub-categories of your accounts, while the Top Line is for categories.

You may be careful not to confuse between the account and the sub-categories in this small business accounting software microsoft access template. The Category is the accounting equation like Asset, Liabilities, or Equity. The sub-category is what the account part of. For example: the sub-category is Debt, then the accounts could be School debt, Book Loan Debt, or such.


Small Business Accounting Software


The Description field on the top is for naming the category, sub-category, and the accounts name. As you can see in the picture above, you can't add new record in every accounts. This is because the feature is limited only for member. It is not limited for business only, you can use it as personal bookkeeping software. You may change the Description or Accounts names to fit with your personal requirements.

Small Business Accounting Transactions

This list of accounting software is the list of transactions recorded for your accounting report. You can star by picking the Date, fill the Amount and Description fields. Don't confuse the 'Description' field in this menu with the Description in 'Accounts' menu. In this Description field, you can name it anything you like. In Account Mapping, you have to choose the Account (which taken form 'Accounts' menu). The right table in drop-down menu is the subcategories, which are automatically mapped with the accounts in left table.


Accounting Software for Small Business and Personal


Feel free to fill or let it blank in the Comments field. It may look useless if you don't utilize it. I recommend to fill it for debt or revenue status, the material or things needed for supporting the sales, or such.

Small Business Accounting Reports

Like most access template, one of its features is to presenting the report from all transactions recorded. Upon clicking the menu, you will see the Tax Percentage and View Statements. Fill all the fields, the click the small square besides View Statement. The printable and exportable reports are ready to serve.


Microsoft Access Small Business Accounting Software


Summary of Small Business Accounting Software for Microsoft Access Templates
This small business accounting software is free to download. You can use it as accounting software for small business and personal use. Aside for being the best free accounting software, it is highly recommended to use it as spending tracker or budgeting.

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