Microsoft Access Templates Online Registration Form Database for Student

This microsoft access template for you who run small or medium online education agency or working at university administration office, we have a microsoft access database for class and course online registration system which built-in microsoft access access template. This online class and course registration is mainly focused on student who want to go to university. However, this database template is open for any type of school, like cram school or vocational school. Feel free to customize the access template. There are only two menus in this template, and surprisingly enough there is no report form or menu, neither the master menu. However we sure that it would not be much needed.

This is the menu where you getting started with this database. It is separated in two form. There are only two fields in the header form, which is for university or school detail. First field is just like every form, the auto-generated ID. The next is the University Name, which you can add any school type name.


Access Database Templates Online Class Registration


The lower form part is to record courses that available and can be attended in the university or school. The first field is always auto-generated Aside of courses, you can fill it with any other learning type like major or modules taken. The next field to manage your education agency service is University ID, which is same like the header form. It might be useless, but it could be used to select other university or school as collaborative learning. Or you can modified it into something else like college location.

The second and last menu of this database is the menu to managing the student record and their applications. Like previous menu, it is consists by 2 forms.


Access Database Templates Event Registration Software


The upper header is meant for filling the student data for education agency service. It always started with auto-generated ID, then the name. Next are the contact details like email, phone, address, and country. The last one is birthday date.


Microsoft Access Templates Online Registration Form Database


The last feature of this student agency access template is the sub-form for student applications. It consisted of Application ID, the Course taken from Universities menu. Application Status is the condition of the student's application. Currently there are 4 status:
- Preparing: meaning the student application has not been submitted yet.
- Submitted: meaning the student application has been submitted, but has not been (or still in) processed.
- Accepted: meaning the university or school has accepted and approved the student application.
- Regrets: meaning the university or school has decide to reject the student application.

You're able to customize and adding the new status by click the drop down menu. Then, click the small square icon below the options. A dialog box will appear and type your new status before hit the Ok button.
The last comment field is for additional detail, and is an optional field.

This access template is not limited only for university agency, but for other type of school or courses. There are only 2 menu, first is to record the university and the provided courses. The other menu is to record the students and their application. You may download this education agency access database template at

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