Microsoft Access Templates Project Management Tracker Database

This access database template named project tracker database is one of project management related microsoft access templates on you can get. Project tracker template can be used in various companies with internal projects, or personal freelance projects. The project tracker include payment and time tracker features. The tracker project management access template can be functioned for your outsource employee, where the clients change into freelance employee. In this project tracker access template, it is consists of 3 main menus:



Tracker Project Management Templates for MS Access


The menu to input the Clients data. The upper Client Info is the group of field for the Company Information. The Follow-up Contact Info is the group for the contact person who responsible with the projects. Aside for Clients, you can turned it into employee in case if you using the project tracker templates for outsource.



Project Time Tracker Templates for Microsoft Access


Menu for recording the project details database. The fields are:
- Title: Name of the Projects
- Client ID: selected from Clients menu.
- Cost: The total cost of the projects, not the fee per milestones.
- Progress: The current stages and status of the project. In this template, there are 8 type of progress, started from request to completion as well cancelled status. You can edit the progress type by clicking the drop down menu. Below the menu, there is small icon. If you click it Edit List dialog box will appear. Update the progress and click OK.
- Comments: note for the projects. You can input the project descriptions or goals here.
- Deadline: Date of the deadline.

There are two subform in this project time tracker access template menu:



Project Tracker Templates in Microsoft Access Database


There are only 2 fields for documentation: Document Title and Document File. Document File is the feature to upload the document to you Access. One Document Title can have more than one File. It is recommended to rename the Document Title based on Project Progress, and upload all the Files based on Progress-named Document Title.



Project Management Tool for Microsoft Access Templates


Subform to recording the payments for each project milestones in one project. You can see the fields in the picture below:
Like Project Documentation, we recommended to rename the Description based on the Progress or Milestone. The Amount Paid is the received amount of payment. If you use project tracker for tracking personal project with outsource employee, then the payments can be reversed from you to them.



Project Management Templates for MS Access


The menu to display the recorded data in summarized, neater looks. The report is printable, but you may need to customize the design to replace the Company Name or add time period.
Currently, there is only one report which show all the project records:
- Company: the name of the client of the project
- Project: the corresponding project.
- Cost: total cost of the project
- Progress: the current status and stages of the projects.
- Deadline: date of deadline
- Remaining Days: the days remaining to the Deadline, started from current Date. If the value is in negative, that means the project is overtime.

NOTE: at this moment, if the project stages has 7-completed status it will still counted as negative value. This is because if the 7-completed status properly counted as 0 or not counted, it may cause error if you change Progress field value in Projects menu. So, after you set up your own consistent stages in Projects menu, you can set the code for refining this feature.
- Paid: The total amount that has been paid or received per completed milestones.
- Revenue: Grand total of the paid amount

The project tracker database is open source, so you can modify and developed the reports menu for more enhancement. You can separate the Clients menu into Clients and Outsource employee. On Projects menu, you can add project received or initial date. While in report menu, you can expand the report types into time period report, filter for completed and in progress project report, or report for payment status in each milestones or projects. You can set up the template into project tracker access web application for online and multiuser usage. You can download project tracker template for free at

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