Restaurant Database for Microsoft Access

Restaurant management database for microsoft access, basically, this access template is purposed for storing the pricelist of the food in the menu. The restaurant database is made for you who run restaurant business. Moreover, you are able to use it for another business for example:
- Selling snack or dry food via online store
- Listing the menu in candy shop
- Storing price list for products in other business or industry like vehicle spareparts, items in your grocery store, or even chemical stuff.

To do the last one, you have to customize the template. There are 2 menus in this restaurant management database. One is master menu, where the other one is report menu. You can join our membership to gain full access in making customization on this template.

If you decide to use the restaurant management system software for storing another type of product, then we suggest to start customizing by change the header title in this menu. The first menu in this restaurant management software for windows is purposed for storing the food or product for sale. It is consisted of a header and a sub-form. In the header, there are only 2 fields as you can see in the picture below.


restaurant database design


Category ID is auto-generated field for storing the menu category in this tablet restaurant menu software. Description field is the title field of the Category. In the lower sub-form of the restaurant management software, is the part where you input and record the items that for sale. Input the food or menu name in the Item Name field. Next, input the food cost in the Price field. In the bottom, there is Total field which automatically calculate all the food price.


database for restaurant management system


The last menu of restaurant management software is like another template, the Report menu. This menu will show you all the foods and their price that has been recorded in previous menu, sorted by the menu category. In report menu, all of the presented summarized records are always printable. You can print this report to put it in your restaurant (or your shop in case if you use and customize the restaurant management software for other product) as the menu or brochure. You may collaborate with other designing software like photoshop or corel to make this report more eye-catching. Or just print it then hand drawing the price list report. Just use your imagination.


restaurant database example


The restaurant management software free to download at It is not limited for windows, but the restaurant management software can be for mac too. In the previous paragraphs, the open source feature has been mentioned several times, as well what the template can be used in another industry. To do that, you can just simply change the name of Menu or Food into other name to fit your business (e.g. Make up Brushes if you used it for cosmetics business). There are 2 menus in the database: the category menu for storing the menu, and report for the preview. You can use the report in this restaurant management software for menu brochure.

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